Winter Beauty Trends

The beauty trend this winter? Less and mess.

Deconstructed hair and makeup are as edgy as they are feminine.

Messy ballerina top knots, dark smudgy eyeliners, flushed cheeks and pony tails with masculine leather bands are all the rage. But the key to mastering these looks all lies in striking the perfect combination; creating a look that is classic but edgy, sleek but messy, girlish but hard.

You won’t be running to Sephora for a new palette or curling wand – these styles require minimal effort, minimal tools and can easily transition you from work to play with little to no effort required.

Hair Trends

Glossy Bed Head

No matter the season, relaxed waves seem to be here to stay. But this season, remove the beach and add a touch of gloss to the look.

The Trick: Let your hair do its thing! Air dry, relax with a diffuser, sleep on it while damp – anything to master that messy, straight but wavy, I just rolled out of bed hair. Touch it up with a light finishing product to add shine but leave it as natural as possible. This is a great style for winter hair that gets shoved under a toque and is left a touch on the greasy side.

Colour Combinations

Bronde, Copper, Latte and the Return of Highlights

The Trick: Changing colours shouldn’t be left just for the trees each season! This winter, colour hybrids are taking centre stage. Add dimension to your hair with a full head of highlights in varying shades to your natural colour. Blend light blonde with creamy brunette tones for a buttery version of what is becoming best known as Bronde. Prefer to stay on the blonde side? Ask for a Latte shade. Hosting red undertones? Copper may be your perfect combination. Take any of these shades to your salon for a winter overhaul on your hair.

Return of the Low Pony

This season’s pony tail is sleek and low– with very little muss or fuss.

The Trick:  The classic pony tail gets a modern makeover with leather accents replacing the cheerleaders favourite neon coloured band. Rake back your hair and secure with a clear elastic at the base of your neck then choose your accessory – whether it be a frayed matte band, rope style or adorned with metallic, leather will give your pony tail that touch of edge to make it pop.

Chic Top Knot Meets Messy Sock Bun

Look effortlessly refined and edgy by adding a little volume to the overdone ballerina sock bun.

The Trick: The key is to strive for the opposite of perfection – simple right? Straighten the top layer of your hair and slick the front part of your hair back. Twist your hair into a top knot and secure with an elastic while leaving the wispy pieces, even a bit of the tail end, free to do their thing. Add volume by pulling your hair forward out of the elastic towards your forehead slightly and mist with hairspray. This is a great style if you are prone to static and fly-aways.

Make Up Trends

Brick Red Lips

Goodbye matte nudes of spring, hello deep brick red lip shades for winter. We love the diversity of shades this season – burgundy, brick and merlot; go darker and lighter depending on your mood.

The Trick: Keep it matte during the day and add a little gloss to take your look into the night. This is a great trend for anyone whose skin goes a little lackluster during the winter – the colour will pop against your complexion!

Smudgy Dark Eyes

Black eyeliner has returned in all of its smudgy, dark, thick lined glory.

The Trick: Play with the look and make it your own! If you prefer a cat eye, wing your eyeliner at the ends. If you like a little drama, go a little heavier on your lower lids. Feeling adventurous? Try a fully lined eye during the day or a sparsely filled polka dot rim – the world is your black lined oyster.

Dewy Cheeks

Generally reserved for spring but making an early arrival this winter, peach and rose blushes are replacing powder contouring and your new perfect tool for balancing out strong lips and tough eyes.

The Trick: Work off of the glow the cold winter air leaves on your face – notice where your cheeks natural rose and mimic the look with fresh, glossy cream blushes.

By: Gabrielle Tieman

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