Your Wine Personality

By: Angela Aiello
We each have our own personality, which defines our smile, style and character. Quirky, lovely and unique – our personality is what makes us special, and is what we love most about others. You appreciate your best friend’s strong character and opinion, your partner’s way of making you laugh, your co-worker’s readiness to party, and your fathers’ listening ear.
We’ve translated these qualities to find your wine personality. What’s yours? A tried and true varietal, or maybe an interesting blend? Find out which wine you’ll enjoy most based on your personality!
A – Sparkling Bubbly
Like a bottle of bubbly you have a bubbly personality! You’re extroverted, enthusiastic, and a great ingredient for any party or get together (not to mention a great planner)! Everyone loves having you at a party and no one can say no to you!
B – Steady Sauvignon Blanc
A good bottle of Sauvignon Blanc is original, grounded in good acidity and a rational pairing with seafood and green veg. You’re rational and logical, introverted, original, and organized.
C – Racy Riesling
Similar to Riesling, you’ve got a strong backbone, are loyal to your vineyards, are balanced with a fun sweet side and driven to stand the test of time. You’re the natural one people turn to as you’re reliable and a great team player pairing with just about everything.
D – Clear Chardonnay
Chardonnay is the most flexible and playful grape. It is also hardworking as it’s grown all over the world and put in everything from sparkling wine to Icewine. It’s a hearty grape that loves to adapt, accepts graceful aging, and is sometimes unpredictable.
E – Perfect Pinot Noir
A good Pinot Noir is sensitive and quiet in the vineyard. It is picky, idealistic and  sensitive to where it’s grown and the climate it’s grown in. This variety is a perfectionist and it loves to overachieve, but it needs to have the right roots and tools to reach perfection.
F – Candid Cabernet Sauvignon
Cabernet Sauvignon is a dependable grape. It’s hardy and determined. Each vintage speaks it’s mind through the quality of the grapes – which is what we all appreciate about it. It’s determined to produce wine that can age well and be uncomplicated and dependable. It is the wine that most give as a thoughtful gift in thanks for a kind gesture.
G – Mysterious Malbec
Malbec is an old world grape with a new world spirit. It is adventurous and spirited with a taste that is mostly delicious and juicy. It is open-minded and sometimes gets placed into blends or unique wines for an inspirational mysterious taste. Malbec is friendly and creative. It is open to a world of possibilities on how it’s used. It has an inner curiosity as to how the future will unfold and how it will affect it’s own future.
H – Savoury Icewine
Icewine is a patient and a long-range thinker. It takes commitment, appreciation and time to make Icewine as grapes stay on the vine longer and through the winter.  It takes great attention and care when picking the frozen grapes in the middle of the night. It has a tough outer skin, but sweet on the inside.
Angela Aiello is the Founder of iYellow Wine Club home to over 10,000 members who build wine confidence through discovery through events, classes and tours.  To learn more, join the wine club for free at or

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