As the trend towards online and mobile payments continues to grow in Canada, small businesses need to offer these services and provide mobile payment options to remain competitive.

“To grow and prosper, small business owners need to provide a better customer experience as well as find ways to run their business more efficiently,” says Sarah Adams, vice-president of small business at RBC. “Helping these entrepreneurs understand the tools available to make that happen can drive sales and increase their chances for success.”

Adams provides tips for choosing your mobile business solutions:

• Determine your needs – Calculate how many transactions you’re doing each month, and where you’re doing business to identify the features you’ll need in a mobile payment solution.

• Look for solutions that don’t require new infrastructure – Use web-based solutions and apps that can instantly turn your tablet or smartphone into a payment terminal, as well as help manage your transactions and receipts, and provide easy historical search.

• Choose solutions that will save you time – As a busy business owner you can benefit from mobile solutions that make day-to-day transactions more convenient.

• Take advantage of all the features – To really improve efficiency, take the time to learn about the features provided by the solution or app such as viewing account balances or making transactions on a mobile device that will help you speed up business processes, reduce operating expense, and streamline reporting.

• Look for payment options that improve your customer’s experience – Allowing customers to choose between debit, credit or cash can help you make the sale on the spot.