We All Want to Be Rich: Wine As A Business Currency

By: Angela Aiello

[dropcap]L[/dropcap]iving a rich life is about having the currency to live big – to experience all that life has to offer and feel fulfilled. This currency can come in many forms, and the majority of it resides outside of your bank account. You may not realize it, but social currency has as much weight (if not more) than the cash in your pocket. Social currency is knowledge based and something you can leverage in your circles at work, with friends and out in the world. They say if you want to be rich then hang out where the rich people are – and well, the rich certainly do like wine.
Understanding wine and wine culture can make you look professional, savvy and intriguing.  Being comfortable with wine lists, knowing what to order and when to order it, and opening a bottle of wine with ease can give you access into otherwise closed and social circles. Speaking the wine language with confidence also helps. The richness lies in not being a snob about wine either – having humility and being open to discussion is where conversation can begin and bonds can start to build.
Wine is also key for developing relationships. It is a great conversation starter while networking, a topic everyone has an opinion on, and a conversation people want to contribute to. Wine is a great tool to use to get to know someone, as well as show your gratitude for their friendship. Nothing says “I enjoyed our time together” or “we’ll work well together” quite like a bottle of wine.
If you’re in the world of sales (or simply trying to make a good impression), you can meet people over a glass of wine. Everyone wants to celebrate and relax after a long day at the office with a rewarding glass of wine and good conversation. When you’re thinking about where to meet a potential date, business partner or client or even a colleague, make sure you consider the environment, the time of year and food and wine style when making plans.
Understanding wine culture, being able to name the grapes and regions (and some fun facts about each one) is good currency to have when you’re looking to connect with others on any level and in any relationship. Once you start integrating wine into your life, you’ll attract cool people, unique experiences, and fluid conversation – not to mention better food choices and adventures filled with wine. You will start to hang out with people who have and want to travel, who enrich their lives with culture, experiences and enjoy the finer things.

Isn’t it time you added some richness to your life? Attend a wine event, go to a wine school class and ask for the sommelier at the restaurant. It’s all about learning and tasting and meeting great bottles and friends along the way!

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