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Planning and developing a strong brand identity is at the forefront of every major business. When people recognize your brand, developing trust, building relationships, and making sales becomes natural. There are a great number of global brands that almost everyone can mention, but you don’t need to reach these heights to be considered a success. In even the smallest niches you will find established names, with the target audience having a clear idea of what you represent. So how do you go about keeping your brand awareness level high?

Stay Consistent

Brand consistency helps to solidify your identity in the minds of prospects. As people browse around the web, seeing your logo and business name on a consistent basis will increase recognition. By keeping a consistency in your main identifiable factors, it becomes far easier to implant yourself in the mind. Aim to use a recognizable logo, consistent font, and even a catchy slogan. Major organizations spend huge sums of money on rebranding campaigns, so it is clear why you should aim to get these ideas right from the start.

Guest Post

Guest posting requires writing exceptional content for niche-related blogs. This type of content marketing lets you take advantage of an existing audience of readers, reaching the kind of people you hope will become customers. Most guest posts will include a biography at the end, so you can begin the process of increasing brand awareness with a compelling description. As most posts can be delivered in HTML format, you could also include a small logo to add a visual element. You can quickly become associated with the blog you write for, so make sure you choose relevant, targeted, and quality blogs.

 Engage in Social Media

Real awareness comes from multiple exposures to your brand. Social media platforms should have many conversations taking place about various niche topics. If you can put yourself in the middle of these conversations, you will gradually become associated with the niche. While your business accounts might be more focused and self-contained, you can post individually as a business owner or representative. These personal accounts can be more active in conversations, taking on the frame of an authority.


While all advertising can help with branding, retargeting is particularly effective as visitors will see you across multiple sites. When a visitor lands on your website, they receive a pixel from the advertising network. As they browse the web, the network shows your ad on any sites they have relationships with. Retargeting can play a big part in increasing sales, but there are also the added branding benefits that come from repeated exposures. Retargeting for branding alone can quickly become expensive, so you should aim to make your campaign profitable through product sales.


These tips will help you to increase recognition of your brand, ultimately leading to an increase in sales. While online sales continue to grow, businesses still have to convince prospects that they are legitimate and trustworthy. Various tactics can be used to build trust, but developing a recognized brand is the most effective long-term strategy. When you develop a clear identity and follow these tactics to build awareness, you should see the results far into the future.

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