Undone & On-Trend

2018 sees us embracing imperfection,impermanance, simplicity, modesty and craftsmanship with the popularity of wabi sabi, the new Japanese inspired home décor trend.

outside in

Incorporate elements and materials you would normally see outdoors. Authenticity is key – make sure you stay true to your design aesthetic whether it be Scandinavian (light wood), Japanese (bamboo mats, bonsai trees) or Mediterranean (Moroccan tiles), etc. If you enjoy cycling, showcase your bike as wall art, if you are a nature loving camper, bring in some firewood etc…

Consider shopping at flea markets and craft shows as well as small shops to find items that reflect your most authentic self.

think simple & don’t get even

Symmetry is out for the wabi sabi trend.

The key to achieving a laid back look without trying too hard is to use eclectic pairings and an uneven number of objects. Try  mixing up different styles of chairs, in groups of 3, 5 and 7.

Try non-matching pillows, varying in size,  pattern and colour. This is truly your time to unleash all aspects of your design aesthetic without having to think too hard
about it working against you.

While you want your home to look lived-in,
it is important to be able to pare things down a bit in order to allow each object to live,
breathe and shine in it’s space.

show your age, unmake that bed

Forget what your mamma told you- it’s no longer a faux pas to keep your bed unmade. Layered, wrinkled linens impart a lived-in and comfortable feel. So go ahead, tuck that ironing board into storage – for now.

Wabi sabi celebrates the wear of objects over time, so hold off on replacing those chipped, cracked or torn beloved items and consider showcasing them instead. 

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