Trend Forward: Hair & Beauty Looks For Winter

This winter we are savouring the drama of it all. After countless seasons of celebrating the no-makeup makeup, easy-breezy hair and overall “I Woke Up Like This” look, this cold weather season catapults us into a dreamy fantasy of polished yet exaggerated graphic looks; allowing makeup lovers to work their magic and turn out some serious runway ready looks for suitable day to day wear.  Dramatic pop-art reminiscent eyeliner, tight springy curls, glitter adorned smoky eyes and impossible to ignore lips; we may be preparing to bundle up for the winter, but these beauty trends will have us feeling hot, hot hot.
Big Polished Curls:
See ya later smooth waves and blowouts. This fall, it is all about letting your natural spring and volume take over – with a little guidance of course.
The Trick:
The It hair of the season is simple; stop over processing your locks with blow driers and flat irons and em-brace your hairs natural kink. For a little extra help [we can’t all have naturally curly locks], grab a tiny curling iron and go crazy defining coils all over your head in a non-uniform fashion for an exaggerated curled look.
Old Hollywood Glam:
The classic S curl gets a modern update with brushed out big volume.
The Trick:
To take your curl from ordinary to extraordinary, first invest in a good quality volumizing spray or mousse to help lift your hair at the roots and achieve fullness. Then start curling! Working from the base of your head to the top, curl strands of hair and then coil the strand into a ring and pin it at the roots. This will allow your hair to cool and hold the curl with maximum volume. Once cooled, release each curl, spritz generously with hairspray and brush out any tight coils. This will give your hair maximum volume and that to die for Hollywood coifed look.
Youthful Up-dos:
Flip through your old yearbooks and take a cue from your younger self with playground inspired pigtails, tight double braids and classic low ponytails.
The Trick:
Keep your look from turning into a primary school throwback by keeping it chic and sleek. Products like frizz fighting shampoos, finishing sprays, serums and, of course, heavy-duty hairspray will help keep  fly-aways and baby hairs that escape at bay. A bonus tip to keeping your braids and tails modern: a centre part. By parting your hair naturally in the centre and separating your hair into two sections, you create a balanced look. This will allow locks to appear crafted instead of thrown up in haste on the way to the gym.
Graphic Eyeliner:
Just like an artist on her canvas, take your eyeliner outside the box this sea-son and get artsy with your favorite liners.
The Trick:
Who says rimming your lids is the only way to go? Give a new dimension to your look and have a little fun with your eyeliner this season by drawing on multiple lines, creating over exaggerated wings with long brush strokes and colour-ing completely outside the eye. Nervous to try your hand at creating a thicker cat eye because you can’t seem to steady your hands? The easiest way to do so is to make sure you have an easy to use eyeliner pen or brush at your disposal. The less pressure you need to use, the more fluidly the line will go on your lid.
The Silver Touch:
Upgrade your colours with one simple addition: classic metallic silver and chrome in every form.
The Trick:
Metallic details and shimmering eye-shadows are all the rage this season. Not only do these modern shades brighten up the whites of your eyes, but this 90s party girl fav can also add a playfulness that can go from a day at the offi ce to a night on the town with one simple swipe. For day-time, add a touch of metallic to the inside corner of your eyes to brighten up any dark circles that may not have disappeared with your morning coffee. Heading out for a cocktail? Try a shadow or liner with a sequin. A touch of sequins added along with your eyeliner or spattering away from the outside corner of your eye can add a whimsical aspect to your typical night out look.
Barely There Brows:
Sorry Cara Delevingne, but this winter’s brows are tamed and lighter than ever.
The Trick: Runways and fashion blogs were flooded with naked brows this season as designers tossed away the filler pencils and bleached their models brows for an out of this world look. For those of us not daring enough to bleach the color out of our brows, try lightening the hairs with brow setting gels or simply ease up on the pencils this sea-son; this will draw attention down towards your eyes and create a more open looking appearance.
Doll Eyes:
Eyes are the window to the soul – and the star of this season’s beauty trends.
The Trick:
Think oversized lashes on the top and the bottom, dramatic falsies and clumpy mascara wands gone wild. Lengthy, thick lashes are the key to making your eyes pop and giving you the appearance of being bright eyed and awake all season long. How to master a truly dramatic false eyelash: it is all in the glue. Invest in a strong setting glue that dries black instead of the typical clear products. Simply touch it up with eyeliner once it is dry and you’re set to turn heads. Not a fan of false eyelashes? Use multiple coats of mascara on both the top and bottom lashes for a wide-eyed appearance.
A Dark Pout:
The pop of a smoky eye moves south for the winter and is replaced with black and dark maroon lips.
The Trick:
Keep your dark pout from looking too Halloween-esque by keeping the rest of your makeup simple and maintaining strong lines that do not travel outside of your lip’s natural shape. Ensure you don’t paint on a clown mouth by fi rst outlining your lips with a pencil. If you are not a fan of a pencil, invest in a tiny lip brush and paint your lipstick on instead of using the tube. That way you can control the amount that goes on your lip and keep it looking natural.

By: Gabrielle Tieman

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