Time For An Upgrade

All the new gadgets and toys that come out everyday seem like one big blur. Life gets busier and we get less and less time to worry about which of them are worth a second glance. Now that we’re in 2016, let’s take a look at a few of the best pieces that can help get you to the next level and start the new year off right.


$179.99 | fitbit.com

fit bit

This is one of the most popular items out this past year but it’s not only for the health nuts and physical enthusiasts. This device lets you know what your body is doing in real time. No counting or guessing. It lets you know how many steps you have taken, stairs you’ve climbed, distance travelled, calories burned, heart rate and even your sleep patterns. It even sends you reward notifications on milestones you accomplish, such as 10, 000 steps taken!

We get busier by the year and committing to daily exercise is a daunting task for most to accomplish. But this does more then just figure out calories and exercise, by showing you what your body is actually doing throughout the day. It helps you be accountable and encourages you to move just a bit more. It comes with an app you can download on your Apple or Android device to get an easier glance at everything. It was built with practicability and affordability in mind and is great for even the non-tech savvy among us to use easily.



$25 | thetileapp.com

tile key finder

We lose everything on a daily basis from time, to our keys. We haven’t gotten far enough with technology to help you out with time but there is something for your keys, wallet, and other commonly misplaced things. The Tile comes with an app for your Apple and Android device to find your lost item via Bluetooth (up to 100 feet away) or even use their “lost network” to set your marked item as lost and you will receive notification when it hits the Tile network. You can even do the opposite to find your lost phone and keep a tile handy to use as a button to make your phone ring loudly so you can locate it. People have used Tile for everything from lost luggage on the other side of the world to losing their keys in dark movie theatres. It won’t give you back lost time but it may save you from losing more time searching.



$249.00 | nest.com

Nest Thermostat

The never-ending battle of the thermostat. In the morning it may be a bit chilly so you turn up the heat a bit, just to later on be a little too hot. And when no one is in the house all day no one is benefiting from the temperature. The Nest thermostat is the thermostat that takes the time to learn your patterns. It offers an app on your Apple or Android device so you can change your thermostat now or preset it for later on. The more you use the app, the more it learns your patterns and sets itself. You are able to install it yourself easily in about a half hour and it even gives you an accurate report to let you know how much you are reducing that hydro bill. Save money, the environment, and be comfortable anytime of the day while doing it.



$119.00 | amazon.ca

holy stone mini rc drone

We are constantly bombarded with new apps with games to help kill time in our off –time. The Holy Stone Mini RC Drone brings out the inner child in us all while also having the excuse of receiving increased coordination and elevated concentration. Drones are becoming the new generation’s version of remote control cars. But this model really does have a bit of a learning curve and the creators developed the drone’s soft bumpers with that in mind.

The entire drone is very well built and the parts, if you really are rough on it, are easy to replace. This can be used indoor or outdoors and works with a gaming console type controller to navigate the air. It has about 8-10 minutes of flight time on a full battery and has about a hundred foot range. It’s a great model for a beginner and brings passing time a new level.



$19.99 | bestbuy.ca

pny mobile device powerpack portable charger

These days, our phones have become something most people can’t imagine living without for an hour, never mind a whole day. They do everything from keeping us in touch with everyone via calls, texts, or emails to day-to-day banking. We rely on our phones to automate and ease many tasks we perform day to day and sometimes an extra cable in the car isn’t an option. PNY Powerpack is one of the many highly rated mobile charging devices that can be carried with you for an emergency boost. Whether you are in the middle of a phone call in a campsite or just in a meeting and realized your forgot to charge your device, the Powerpack is small and easy to keep on hand.

By: Justin Soungie 

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