The Whiskey is a Go-Go

doc macgilligansTypically, this spirit has been associated with pool halls and biker bars. Well, this is no longer the case as whiskey is now becoming what the Cosmopolitan was to the early part of the decade. Whiskey is very versatile and can be ordered on the rocks, straight up, or in a cocktail. One of the most common errors that individuals make when ordering a dram of whiskey is to take it as a “shot”. On the contrary…every drop of whiskey should be sipped and savoured. In Ireland, having a dram of whiskey alongside your pint is very common as the flavour profiles between the two are very similar. Having a pint first reddens your palette allowing the whiskey to pair very well with it.

Our very own taste of Ireland right here in Niagara, Doc Magilligan’s, is embracing the current trend. Doc’s currently offers 100 plus whiskeys, scotches, and bourbons stemming from Ireland, Scotland, the USA, and Canada. Ken Ahern from Doc’s, is responsible for bringing whiskey to the forefront and for the up-andcoming launch of various and affordable whiskey flights. Ken witnessed the success of beer flights firsthand and decided to apply this winning concept to whiskey.

“I noticed that whiskey was moving here in the bar, so we began by introducing Whiskey Wednesday, where different whiskeys are featured.”

The whiskey flights are now taking off. They include: “Around the World”, taking in the best of old and new world whiskeys; “The Bourbon Trail”, which features great bourbons from all over the United States; “Blends vs Single Malts”, which is a blind taste test offering a selection of blend and single malts; and finally, “The Big Spender” for those whiskey lovers with deeper pockets. Overall, these flights have very friendly pricing and provide a great experience for both whiskey connoisseurs as well as up-andcomers.

whiskeyAt Doc’s, all of their whiskeys are served in the proper stemware for the best possible experience. Doc Magilligan’s has also found a way to make this spirit part of their food. Executive Chef, Gary Beynon infuses whiskey into many of the pub’s dishes, from sauteed mushrooms on their home-made burgers, to the whiskey-rubbed baby back ribs basted with Irish whiskey BBQ sauce. This winter, Doc’s will feature various whiskey themed events, beginning in January with the traditional Robbie Burns Supper offering a Scotch tasting prior to the festivities. Of course, there will also be many toasts throughout the night! There will also be whiskey dinners featuring local whiskeys from Forty Creek and an Irish Nosing leading up to St. Paddy’s Day, just to name a few. The pub also offers special perks to customers who join Doc’s Whiskey Club. There is no cost to the membership and the club hosts exclusive tasting events and gives out prizes to those who complete different tasting lists. It’s time to pony on up to the bar at Doc’s and give whiskey a go-go.

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