The Village: Gateway To Niagara-on-the-Lake

The Village in Niagara-On-The-Lake is a uniquely designed, extremely community orientated sub-division. It was started by John Hawley, and designed by one of the best town planners in the world, Andres Duany of DPZ (Duany, Plater-Zyberk & Company).

Adam Hawley, Sales Consultant, notes that Duany was invited to come up to Niagara-On-The-Lake to study the town’s heritage and architecture. Duany and his team measured street widths, the height of buildings and density, and then used that information to come up with a community plan. They developed a plan that dictated what type of houses could go into the community and what the exteriors of those houses should look like. When talking about the initial planning phase of The Village, Hawley notes “the single most important point, was that they hired top notch planners and architects to come down and lay the foundation,” adding, “and then the follow through with being committed to the original plan.”

The goal with The Village was to have a walkable community, with sidewalks lining both sides of the road, narrower streets, and houses with porches that encourage people to be outside, allowing them to meet their neighbours. Garages are tucked away and houses and porches sit close to the sidewalk. Every detail has been carefully examined and implemented. It feels like a community of a bygone era, where people know their neighbours, and where they say hello when they each other; it’s very lovely really. Hawley notes, “there is that interaction that you don’t get in typical subdivisions, and that interaction just fosters a sense of community.” Community events are happening all the time, especially once the weather starts getting warmer. There are weekly farmers markets and suppermarkets, that are hugely popular with both residents of The Village and people all throughout the Region. At the heart of the community, there is a Village Centre that houses a restaurant, a bank, and some shops. This spot will only continue to grow, as cafes, more stores and additional restaurants are developed.

The Village is made up of two different sections. One section is comprised of custom built homes, which means buyers purchase the lot and then work out the building of a home with a builder. The other section of homes is being built by Brookfield Residential, and they offer a number of different designs to choose from. Hawley notes, “it’s all one community, just different builders.” The architecture is all synced, and there is no visible divide between the custom homes and the Brookfield Homes, as the looks are all the same; inspired by the beauty of old town Niagara-On-The-Lake.

We got the chance to do a photoshoot in one of the amazing Brookfield homes. The interior of the home we shot was designed by Liz Hawley, with the team at Brookfield designing the actual architecture. This home had several upgrades implemented into the plan, such as a wrap around porch and a wine cellar.

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