The Convincer

In business the key to success is not only offering a great product or service but having the know-how and sense to promote it. It is imperative to get the word out about your product or service in order for you to stay relevant and to stand out from all the other companies offering something similar. What will set you apart is your ability to promote your business as unique and special. You can have the best product, or offer the best service in the world, but if no one knows about it you will not be successful.

For hundreds of years successful people in business have realized the power of advertising. They understood that if they wanted to sell more of their product, or get more people to use their service, they had to get the word out. They had to let consumers know why their product was useful or superior and where to buy it. Promotion of products through flyers, brochures, posters, newspaper and magazine ads, billboards, radio, television, social media and the internet are all resources that can be used to get your company’s message across, and differentiate yourself from others. Successful people use a combination of these things to be noticed, and more importantly, remembered. The advertising and promotion of a successful person’s business is also ongoing and consistent.

In psychology we learn that the mind has a ‘convincer.’ The convincer is the point at which a person accepts something as true and real. Every person has a different convincer rate. What this means is how many times a person must see or hear something before they believe it to be true or accept it as fact. For example, some people need to see an image or hear a message three times before it sticks in their memory and becomes a truth. While others may need to see the same image or hear the same message seven times before their convincer is reached. Ongoing advertising ensures that every person’s convincer is reached, and when a consumer is in need of your product or service, they immediately think of you. If you were asked to name a cola most people would immediately say Coca Cola, or if asked to think of a fast food hamburger chain, most would say McDonald’s. These companies have mastered the science of building brand and understand the importance of consistent and ongoing advertising.

Many small and medium sized businesses have a preconception that advertising is expensive and they can’t afford to do it. But the truth is, advertising is what will build your business and increase your sales, so it is something that you cannot afford not to do. Advertising should always be a cost factored into your business plan, and when you calculate the cost to advertise versus the additional revenue you will make because of it, the benefits will be obvious. When you advertise consistently your business will flourish.

“The convincer is the point at which a person accepts something as true and real. Every person has a different convincer rate.”

 The human mind is programmed to store images and messages in our unconscious mind for a time when we need them. So although you may not be in the market for a new car today – those commercials you have seen ongoing for the new, comfortable, reliable, GM or Ford vehicle with all the bells and whistles will come top-of-mind when it is time to buy your next car or truck. This is the power of consistent advertising. Advertising sets companies apart from those who do not advertise – it differentiates them.

 The mistake some businesses make is they only advertise when times are good because they have the cash flow, neglecting to advertise when times are slower to get new business. While others who have not consistently advertised in the good times, do so in a panic when times are tough, hoping for a magic solution. This never works either.

 If you are starting a business start with a positive business plan. Surround yourself with successful people (truly successful people in life are always happy and willing to share their knowledge), model them, and make sure you have enough money to advertise, not once or twice, but all of the time. It is the consistent, repetitive advertising solution that will hit the convincer, making your company’s message stick in the mind of all consumers looking for your product or service.

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