The Best of Both Worlds: The Designs of Yesterday Made For Today

By Jill Tham
Is there a special diamond in your family? Perhaps it’s your mother’s, grandmother’s or great-grandmother’s stunning ring that tells a story of your family’s past. The old saying, “They just don’t make them like they used to,” easily applies to jewellery as more and more brides want a timeless and charming filigree look to their engagement ring. The Jeweller, designs by Tachjian, has been providing quality craftsmanship and service to the Niagara Region for the past 14 years. His authentic vintage era designs and expertise are something to be appreciated and admired.
As a young boy, Kevork Tachjian, owner and skilled jeweller, learned the ins and outs of the profession from his uncle who was a Master Goldsmith. “I admired his commitment and workmanship in the jewellery business and I have taken it to a new level. When you love what you do, it becomes natural,” states Tachjian. “I have to give him proper respect. He showed me the way. You need that when you get into a trade.”
The name of his jewellery store came out of necessity from none other than his customers. “Before owning my own business, I worked in the industry for ten years. Sales representatives, customers and owners would all refer to me as ‘The Jeweller,’” explains Tachjian. “They never went by my name because it was hard to say,” he laughs.
Along with specializing in watch and jewellery repairs, The Jeweller designs and creates custom made jewellery: specifically engagement rings. “We do it all here in-house, we don’t send anything out,” says Tachjian. Using computer software that displays a three-dimensional picture of the ring, Tachjian is able to show the customer exactly how the ring will look. “We use the computer program to change size or stone and we can also digitally put the ring on your finger so customers can see the height,” he explains. Although he acknowledges that anyone can work a computer and the image on the screen often relaxes the customer, it’s the craftsmanship that makes the ring. “The key is how you finish it and the quality of the ring,” says Tachjian.
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Types of Antique Rings

Reflecting a historical period, these pieces were overlapping in influences such as the economic and social environment which was exhibited in Europe at that time. These pieces embodied Romanticism with their simple rose or yellow gold settings, pearls and semi-precious stones. As the design became more popular the ring settings became more intricate.
During this period, diamonds were the focal part of the luxurious designs. With the solitaire as the most prominent setting, Edwardian rings were feminine with some intricate patterns resembling lace. The use of platinum became popular in this era.
Art Deco
In the 1920s Art Deco was all the rage. Its designs were full of coloured gemstones, with one centerpiece stone accompanied by accent stones arranged in geometric patterns. These bold and dramatic pieces were influenced by the architecture of the time period.
Tachjian has observed how social media has changed the industry. “Everyone wants a Tiffany ring, but everyone knows the price is outrageous. At the end of the day I tell all my clients it’s all about budget,” he says. With his expertise, Tachjian assists his customers in maximizing even the most modest of budgets. The appropriately named halo design is currently the most sought out ring on the market. “It enhances the diamond as it has a halo of diamonds around the centre stone. It used to be called the cluster, now it has been modernized and called the halo,” Tachjian states.
From elaborately carved settings to twisted threads, antique rings not only tell a story of yesterday, but they embody character, simplicity and elegance. “Antique rings are making a comeback because many individuals are looking at their parents engagement rings and re-creating them by adding a modern aspect,” says Tachjian. “Grandma’s ring has lasted forever because the quality and true art of the industry back then. They didn’t have casting and computer development – it was all done by hand.”
Want a bit of the old mixed in with the new? As a true craftsman, Tachjian also uses existing bands to create new rings while keeping true to the antique style. “I’ve seen customers after 35 years upgrade their ring. We made a masterpiece by taking a client’s existing diamond and adding her grandmother’s diamond and new accent diamonds to create a new design. I always add something different to my designs.” says Tachjian.
All of Tachjian’s diamonds are GIA certified and 100% traceable. “We can add a laser inscription to the diamond. It adds a serial number to it in case it is stolen,” Tachjian states. “Also, a lot of people will put their names inside an area of the diamond.”
You won’t find cookie cutter designs at Tachjian’s store, but what you will find is a family run business with strong values and exquisite craftsmanship. “People shop and don’t see what they want. So they come here and we create it,” says Tachjian. Tachjian specializes in the unexpected as he takes a generic photo or design and creates something stunningly original. His designs are truly one of a kind.
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