The Best Health Apps Around

From apps to help you meditate to apps to assist you in finding the best cruelty free products, these handy tools have got you covered mind, body and soul.  These are some of the best health apps around.


Want to learn a new language? This app will help you learn Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Irish, Danish or Swedish-all for free. This app improves constantly…it makes learning a new language really fun and relatively easy!

This is the app for you if you want to start training your brain. You’ll get a personalized training program that helps with training your memory, attention span and more.


Sleep Cycle
This app costs $2 to download and makes waking up easy. It is a smart alarm clock that analyzes your sleep and gets you up at the best possible time, letting you wake up feeling well rested. This app consistently gets good ratings.

My Fitness Pal
This is an extremely popular heart and fitness app which has helped millions track their diet and exercise. There is a huge food database (over 5,000,000 items), a recipe importer, exercise tracker and will also sync up with several other devices and apps.

Water Your Body
This app helps you track how much water you are drinking and how much you should be drinking. It will send you reminders to drink water, and monitor consumption and weight. It will help you keep your skin, nails and whole self healthy.


Calm-Meditate, Sleep, Relax
This app will help add a little calmness to your life, and it includes a learn to meditate program, guided meditation sessions, nature scenes to help you relax, meditation music and more.

Bunny Free
This is one of the easiest ways to ensure that the products you are using aren’t being tested on animals. You can also search companies by name and you’ll be able to find their status on animal testing.

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