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Snowy Scenes and a Soothing Spa

Winter brings its own unique joys. If you find the right setting—that beautiful, natural spot where snow mounds up like fluffy pillows or quaint historic communities where snow drapes from heritage buildings like Christmas garland—there is no season more beautiful. Places like these are where you’ll be inspired to get out and play in the …

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Cranberries For The Holidays

Vibrantly festive with their red hues, cranberries are the quintessential holiday accompaniment. Harvested during October and early November, these juicy, buoyant gems signal that the joyful Christmas season is just around the corner. One of the most enduring symbols of the holiday, cranberries are a staple of Christmas tables across all of North America. A …

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Ignite Metabolism

Ignite A Better You: Are you ready to make-up with your Metabolism?

Take a slow, deep breath. Become aware of your thoughts and surroundings and quiet the chaos that lives in your mind and environment for the next few minutes. I work with patients everyday who feel exhausted, overwhelmed, and overworked. The never-ending to-do list, the over-packed schedule, the newest dietary and fitness trends, the late nights; …

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On The Table: Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse

‘Tender, Juicy & Sizzling’ Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse Imagine planning a dinner party with your friends. It should be pretty simple no? What if one of your friends in attendance was a chef? One who cooks the most succulent steaks in the Niagara Region. Would that change things for you? Would beads of sweat begin to pour …

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Mind Your Skin

The new millennium has come with some amazing inventions to make our lives easier and more efficient. From GPS navigation systems, to smart phones with virtually every kind of app and self-driving cars, we are pushing new limits of speed and convenience. However, with routine tasks being performed at unprecedented rates, there is an unforeseen …

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