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Q&A with Flavio Iammarino, Ph.D, SW, C.Cht

Making a career change is something that most of us will do more than once in our lifetime. Whether it is a decision to start your own business or change careers there are questions that consistently come up. A portion of my practice includes mental coaching and personal and business development and I have assisted hundreds of individuals and teams with strategies for success. In this issue I would like to share some of the questions and answers from a recent seminar and encourage readers to email their own questions to be answered in a future issue.

What are some of the qualities a person needs to have in order to be successful in business?

The most important thing is to “believe” in one’s self. Important qualities include being self-motivated, confident, self-reliant, driven, patient, and optimistic. You must be passionate about the business you want to start or be involved in. You really need to be a good communicator, hold integrity high on your scale, and be a person who can stay focused on your goals no matter what curve balls may come your way. Any doubt about one’s self or the business will only bring failure—you must believe in your business for it to thrive! If you love what you do it will show and others will want to be around you and support your business

Is owning your own business plagued with sacrifice?

Many individuals that have been successful in business have similar stories and state that there was some sacrifice in the onset of their business. Whether it was a monetary sacrifice in the beginning, or a sacrifice of time, there was something that had to give while the business was built. You may not be able to spend as much time with family and friends or you may miss a pay cheque or ten in the early years… but if you stay focused and on path, owning your own business can eventually deliver freedom and afford you more time (and money) as your company matures. Again it is important to state that if you love what you do, all the hard work and provisions that have to be made in the beginning will not feel like ‘sacrifices’.

What is the secret element of starting a business off on the right foot?

One very important element that will make the process of starting your own business easier or harder is your approach. If someone is focused on the positive possibility they will not only succeed but they will enjoy the process. Starting your own business, although a lot of work, should be fun! It is an exciting time and so much positive energy and creativity flows in the beginning… you should embrace it, have fun with it and watch the positive return of your efforts. The Law of Attraction states that we get back whatever we put out, so if you want your business to thrive you need to put your heart and soul into it and have fun doing it. If you follow this approach in the beginning you will most certainly see a positive result in return.

Why are some people so stressed when starting a business?

The ones that believe that starting their own business will be a burden of hard work will be stressed to the max! If the focus and thinking is on what could go wrong, rather than all the things that could go right—guess what the universe will deliver? A domino effect of challenges and stressful situations.

What lessons have you learned in business?

In my experience in business I have learned many lessons. My first lesson was that for a business to be successful it needs your focus and attention. If your mind wanders, or you don’t feel like working, you will likely have no clients that week. If you are stressing about having no money one week, you will probably lose two more clients to add to your stress. It’s just how things work! Whatever you project comes back—don’t forget this! If it is negative and stress ridden… situations will be created around you to keep you in that state!

What is the morale of the successful business story?

In my profession I am the business, so I always have to be there to make money, and always have to be on my game. Other businesses may allow you to hire resources to help you but whether you are a one man/woman show, or have a team working with you, a business needs your full attention, passion and effort. The morale of the successful business story is to love what you do and you will succeed!

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