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Since 2001, Rev Publishing has been one of North America’s most progressive publishers of niche products. It all started with the Save-A-Buck coupon booklet, when company founder Daniel Pasco launched this direct mail piece, which was sent to homes around the Niagara Region. In the year that followed, Save-A-Buck expanded into Southern Ontario and beyond. In 2005, Rev introduced their first in-room magazine, Niagara Today. Rev kept growing after that, with the launches of Niagara Dining Guide in 2006, Seneca Today and On The Boulevard in 2011, Niagara-on-the-Lake magazine and the daily deal and coupon site, in 2012, the JW Marriott The Rosseau Muskoka in 2013, the Niagara Falls Meeting and Destination Magazine, the Save a Buck app, Today Magazine local lifestyle editions, Today Magazine: Kingston and 1000 Islands, Toronto, Muskoka, and Skylife Magazine in 2014, and in 2015, Casino Rama, Soaring Eagle Living (Michigan) and Miccosukee Resort & Gaming (Miami).

The company just continues to grow and expand far beyond the Niagara Region.

Rev Publishing continues to be led by Dan Pasco, who is the Publisher, President and CEO of the company. As a marketing specialist, Dan’s entrepreneurial expertise and experiential knowledge within the media industry accounts for the soaring success of Rev’s eclectic trademark line of publications. Today, 15 years after its inception, Rev Publishing Inc. produces and distributes 40 magazines and three savings publications, as well as maintains a vast social network reaching a wide audience, which continues to grow every day. For 2016, Pasco has plans to further expand Rev’s vision towards a digital, online platform, establishing a wider reach, moving towards a global market.

In an era where many print magazines are on the decline, Rev’s portfolio only continues to grow. Each specific publication offers a unique editorial strategy, giving readers information on what to do and where to go in Niagara and beyond, as well as compelling stories from some of Niagara’s best writers. If you stay at a hotel in the Niagara area, chances are you have come across a Rev product.

In addition to leadership expertise and producing high quality magazines, there are numerous factors that have contributed to Rev’s success.  Rev’s products are aimed towards key targeted consumers; they hold North America’s most well ranged audience. This audience stays in hotel rooms, reads niche magazines, visits e-commerce websites; all areas Rev has covered. Rev’s readers are those with disposable income, those who are influential decision makers in the household and are loyal and engaged.

Over 12 million tourists visit the Niagara area every year, and Rev has found ways to reach almost all of them, be it through in-room magazines, coupon booklets, websites, or apps which help guide visitors through the Region, finding them deals along the way.

Save-A-Buck, Rev’s mobile app, allows people to easily access entertainment, restaurants, attractions, nightlife, services and more; consumers are able to find business with the touch of a button.

Rev also offers advertisers the exclusive opportunity to advertise on WEGO, Niagara Fall’s state of the art bus system that connects visitors to the tourist areas. There is no other media company that does what Rev does, and does with such effectiveness.  The future of Rev Publishing is looking bigger and brighter every day.

In addition to these products, Rev also offers high quality, creative services. These include both web development and print design services. At Rev, unique looks and interfaces are created that convey the heart of a business, which sets every business apart from the competition, while still maintaining brand integrity and personality.

A company basically has ten seconds until the user decides whether to stay on a website or not: Rev’s creative team will be sure to build a website that will draw users in and keep them clicking. The same goes for the print designs created by the team at Rev: they turn prospects into clients. According to the article “Is Print Dead? Not So Fast”, on, there are still many reasons to incorporate print into your marketing plan, despite the continued digitization of our world. The article notes that print is tangible, as it stays around for months, sometimes even years. Print is also a great way to solidify your brand, and establish some brand recognition. The article also notes the ability of print publications to go to a specific target market. When it comes to marketing your business, it is important to advertise over a variety of different platforms, to make sure you are reaching the maximum number of potential consumers.  Another study, done by the J. Walter Thompson firm, shows that even the younger generation is beginning to embrace print media, and that it is important to them that print publications remain “ a significant factor in their lives, even in the face of ever-increasing digitization.” Given that millennials have significant spending power, promoting your business through print media is a great way to reach this core group of consumers.

There is no other media company that does what Rev does, and does with such effectiveness.  The future of Rev Publishing is looking bigger and brighter every day.

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