Seven Simple Ways to Defy Aging

First, you can’t wait to turn 16 years of age, then 25, and finally 30. After that you no longer have an age to wait for. The fountain of youth, so to speak, is a myth that people have been trying to find for centuries. So often that movies have been made about it. Perhaps you recall the popular 1980s movie Cocoon where the characters were restored to a youthful state by swimming in a pool with an alien cocoon. In today’s fast-paced modern age we can easily turn to Botox, anti-aging serums, and laser resurfacing, but before you open your wallet, try these six au natural tips to help you look and feel younger.

1. Get Your ZZZZs

Sleep is an important aspect of aging. Many of us complain of being tired and let’s face it, life is hectic and we could all use more beauty sleep. Getting adequate rest is easier said than done, especially if you have sleep disturbances such as the pitter patter of little feet crawling into bed for a cuddle or dreadful insomnia. If it’s the latter, then there is a plethora of books and resources on sleep, so speak to your doctor, take advantage of the internet or visit your nearest public library. It’s important to wake up feeling well rested and energized. Although the amount of sleep needed varies from person to person, eight hours of sleep is a standard formula that will help your body repair damage to its organs and produce new cells. Do what you can to ensure you are getting as much sleep as you can. Perhaps setting a goal of getting to bed 15 to 30 minutes earlier than usual will get you started on the right track to sleeping your way to a younger you.

2. H2O, Your New Best Buddy

Drinking ample amounts of water is important to ward off the effects of dehydration, which can leave your skin looking older and wrinkled. Drinking plenty of water enhances health, increases energy and improves circulation and blood flow. Eight glasses of water a day, consisting of eight ounces each, is the eight times eight rule of thumb and recommended dose for daily water intake. Drinking the required amount of water per day may also assist in weight control. Everywhere you go functional and fashionable water bottles can be found: borrow one or invest in one and you will reap the benefits.

3. Get Active

Daily exercise that includes both cardiovascular activity and weight lifting has proven to be a valuable anti-aging strategy. Exercise strengthens the heart and lungs, aids in digestion, reduces anxiety, eases stress, slows bone loss, increases metabolism and improves balance. Talk to your doctor and think about an exercise plan that fits in with your schedule and lifestyle. Whether a walk with your best friend sounds more appealing than swimming laps, go for it. Try something old or new – get active. Not only will you have more energy, you will look and feel younger.

4. Give Your Mind a Work Out Too

Brain stimulation keeps your mind alert, active and slows the body’s response to aging. Reading, learning to play an instrument, puzzles, and even getting some friends together for a friendly game of euchre will prove to be beneficial for your brain. Also, keeping your mind active may improve your memory. So, the next time you see the newspaper try completing a cross word puzzle or word search. Your mind and body will thank you for it.

5. Sun Exposure

Mr. Sun, Mr. Golden Sun, please do not shine down on me. Harmful ultra violet rays from sunlight directly affect your skin and its response to aging. Sun exposure breaks down the elastin fibres causing skin to sag and lose its ability to remain pliable. A fashionable large brimmed hat or some good quality sunblock can help to keep your skin looking younger longer.

6. Reduce Stress in Your Life

Stress can wreak havoc on not only our minds, but our bodies too. It happens to the best of us. Stress creeps up on you and before you know it, your sleep, weight, and other things are affected. Identifying the source of your stress and taking steps to reduce it is pertinent to slowing the effects that the aging process can have on your body. Whether it be yoga or relaxing in a hot bath with a good book, take the steps needed to give yourself some rest and relaxation to put your mind and body in a more cohesive state.

One can hardly think of a person who is happy about aging or looking forward to getting older. It’s no wonder there is so much debate over which type of milk Cleopatra bathed in to make her skin look younger and whiter. Aging isn’t always fun and from products to gimmicks, fighting off the effects of aging can cost a fortune. Try these simple tips and show father time what he can do with his hourglass.

If you made it through this whole article and ended it by thinking to yourself, “the title said seven tips, but I think I only read six”, you are correct. There are only six tips. We just wanted to demonstrate how important tip #4 is. 

By Jill Tham

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