Say Hello to Summer Skin

All winter you’ve been anticipating ditching that coat and swapping boots for sandals. And every year it seems that day comes by sooner and faster (not that anyone is really complaining) and it tends to catch the most diligent of beauty regimen keepers off guard. Whether you book yourself into a salon (and pronto!) or are taking matters into your own hands, be sure to keep to a regular routine to maintain supple glowing skin at any age – and be sure to follow throughout the winter so that next year you are ahead of the game!


It’s important to buff off that dry winter skin so you can achieve a nice, summer glow. Any kind of body scrub that is rough (be it salt, sugar or baking soda) will do the trick! You can even DIY some exfoliating scrubs, just look for some inspiration on Pinterest. In a hurry? Get yourself a pair of exfoliating mittens or use a dry brush pre-shower to encourage cell turnover (be warned – skin may be a bit sensitive when using a dry brush at first but your skin will quickly adapt). As an added bonus, exfoliating stimulates your skin to produce more collagen for younger tighter skin.


The one thing your skin needs a lot of in the hot summer months is moisture. Make sure to drink lots of water, and get your fill of healthy fruits and veggies. If you’re like me and get bored by water consider adding some fresh fruit or cucumber slices and reduce the amount of caffeinated drinks.

Treat Yourself

Massage, rest, repeat. Besides boosting collagen production, massage therapy has been shown to reduce headaches, anxiety and help with insomnia – and we all could use a little more beauty sleep.


Yes you’ve heard it several times before –  wear sunscreen. But what is the point in indulging in a vigorous skin care routine when UV exposure can deplete skin’s collagen and is the leading cause of skin cancer? Use an SPF 15 or higher and don’t forget to put on those shades.


Get moving, as increased activity can also help with your summertime glow. Exercise gets the blood moving, which helps with circulation, as well as helps detoxify your system.

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