Romanelli Woodworks: High Quality, One-of-a-Kind

By Gabrielle Tieman
Melding modern and traditional aesthetic, Romanelli Woodworks has filled a niche in Niagara’s home improvement and construction market. Specializing in crafting high quality custom cabinetry and one-of-a-kind furniture based on the individual needs and desires of their customers, the home grown business’s commitment to client needs and detail has placed Romanelli Woodworks a step ahead of the big box competition.
Established in 2007, Niagara native Sam Romanelli says his small independent company has become a reflection of his lifelong passion for woodworking and craftsmanship that was fostered at a young age.
“[Woodworking] was something I always did as a kid,” said Romanelli. “I was always putting models together, woodworking and drawing so when the opportunity came up I took it.”
Though Romanelli has worked in every area of the home – having constructed custom bathroom vanities, shelving units, built-ins and furniture in the past – it is their kitchen remodels and European cabinetry that have placed Romanelli at the forefront of home improvement in Niagara.
“The cabinets we build are solid cabinets whereas in big box stores the cabinets are paper thin,” said Romanelli. “According to customers, my quotes are always coming in lower than Lowes, Home Depot and other big box stores, and they are getting custom work instead of set size, large fillers, cookie cutter cabinets. We make sure everyone is happy and gets a custom fit kitchen to their home.”
All clients are given the opportunity to construct the kitchen, bathroom or living space of their dreams.  It is this hands-on, personalized approach to custom design that has become a principal to the Romanelli team; guaranteeing the satisfaction of the customer and the quality and detail of the finished product.
“I am involved with clients from beginning to end,” said Romanelli. “I am involved with designing the fixtures, to meeting with the clients, to crafting the cabinets, to installing them. It’s me they see the whole time throughout, it’s not one group and then another. It’s very personalized and everything is customized to fit their space and needs.”
For custom furniture needs, Romanelli offers unique, hand crafted pieces ideal for holiday gifts or statement pieces in your home. Past pieces have included one-of-a-kind wood harvest tables, cigar humidors, solid block cutting boards and rustic side tables featuring single pieces of wood and preserved bark.
All projects are built from a wide selection of locally sourced woods and materials, including custom veneers, stainless steel, stained glass and mosaic tiles that Romanelli then handcrafts into custom patterns designed for his clients. Varieties of wood include a diverse array of both the standard Maple and Oak woods you would traditionally see in stores and higher scale samples of Cherry and Walnut.
Cabinets take approximately six weeks to construct, depending on both the size of the room, level of work and their independent schedules, but with such a quick turnaround Romanelli said they can have homes up and running in no time.
To fulfill your other construction and remodeling needs, Romanelli has family ties to other design and home improvement teams in the Niagara Region. His sister-in-law Nicole Romanelli is a local interior designer and his brother John Romanelli specializes in home improvements.
Romanelli Woodworks is currently located at 6785 Cropp Street in Niagara Falls. For more information on the business, free construction quotes and hours of operation visit or call (905) 358-1967.

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