Revel Realty: Niagara’s Newest And Freshest Real Estate Brokerage

Many believe that one of the biggest challenges today for home buyers is navigating and understanding the saturated real estate market. Should first time home buyers invest their money in a starter house and reevaluate in five years or should they run while the market is hot and invest in a forever home? Has the time come for you to downsize to a condo or should you continue to invest in your current home? Downtown living or suburban life, new builds versus century-old homes?

These are only a few of the questions that can bog down any home buyer or seller; whether it is your first, third or fifth venture into the accelerating housing markets.

Here we welcome Revel Realty Inc. to the real estate rescue. is fresh and innovative company is a full service real estate brokerage and property management company which is revolutionizing the age-old real estate rm and approaching buying and selling from a different perspective — designed entirely for the modern residential and commercial buyer.

“With real estate, the most prized possession of every family is their home,” says Ryan Serravalle, founder, broker of record and president of Revel Realty.

“The goal when we created Revel was to center around the celebration of family and what is good in life; and one of the most important things in life, for me, is family.”

Developed with a team oriented platform and founded with a permanent state of motivated real estate professionals, this modern company represents clients in a broad spectrum of classes including: single-family residential, new development, vacant land condominiums, commercial real estate and property consultation — only to name a few — while initiating proven, customized and promotional techniques all which specialize in the marketing, listing and selling of these properties. Revel also offers its clients a full administration team, in-house professional photographers and writers and its own marketing department. They have one of the most reputable New Home Builders in Niagara, a Mortgage specialist and an esteemed real estate lawyer all alongside their experienced brokers.

“We wanted to add a component that was more interesting than just a home in a newspaper or a home online.” said Serravalle.

This insatiable, enthusiastic and aggressive approach allows Revel to accommodate each and every detail of a real estate transaction in the most efficient, client-customized manner said Serravalle. “We wanted something that was very energetic, very modern, something that was young and forward thinking and that was innovative in its marketing — but also very team oriented,” said Serravalle. “My goal was to set an unbelievable platform for realtors who want to be part of a team that is driven with success and integrity and honesty in this business. “Our team is consistently trained, mentored and educated to serve clients from a team-first environment,” said Serravalle. “We have developed our own training methods and have more senior realtors help mentor new recruits to remain consistent in our service and business.” Serravalle said this team oriented approach to real estate may be taking a new angle on the profession, but it speaks to his own personal beliefs and has been highly successful for his company and team — which has grown to currently include over 80 realtors. “With [traditional] real estate it is such an individualized basis because most realtors are independent contractors,” said Serravalle. “So most [realtors] are working for themselves under the brand that they have chosen.

But I have a very strong team background, from playing basketball, so I thought if I could incorporate all of those practices and theories into a real estate company, we would have something really special and successful.” And successful they have been. Since launching in 2013, Revel has grown into four office spaces — one each in Niagara Falls, St. Catharines, Fonthill and their latest in Niagara-on-the-Lake, which is set to open in 2018 — to better manage the listings they hold throughout the entire Niagara Region. Their skill set is broad, specializing in both low end and high end residential and commercial properties. Serravalle said their team can help buyers who are searching for residential communities, vacant land condominiums, new construction, undeveloped land, commercial and investment opportunities and every property in between. Revel also has a luxury department in the office which caters to higher end homes and their own in house magazine which focuses on the cultural aspects of real estate and the lifestyle connected with buying real estate. Serravalle said when he first decided to enter the real estate market in 2007, many people in his life didn’t understand — as Serravalle was then currently employed as a high school teacher in a very stable contract position.

“Everyone thought I was crazy to leave such a secure job,” said Serravalle. “It was a great job but it wasn’t fulfilling my passion and my motivation so I decided to leave.”

Serravalle said his passion and drive for a team oriented work atmosphere stems from his time playing basketball. Following a successful basketball career — which earned Serravalle a full scholarship at the College of Holy Cross in Massachusetts and two Patriot League Championships [including two berths in the NCAA Tournament] — Serravalle said he knew he needed a career which fueled this competitive drive that had made him so successful athletically. “The competition I really liked; the creativity I really liked. I liked that there was no boundaries where you could take it to — both mentally and business wise. I also liked the social aspect of it and the challenges it offered.”

As for the future, Serravalle said he believes that Niagara real estate will continue to climb as the region becomes more recognized — a challenge his team greatly accepts with excitement. “[Niagara] offers a lot with wine country and the easy accessibility to the States and Buffalo — with its airport access for business travelers,” said Serravalle. “ There are great universities and colleges. Tourism is here in Niagara Falls but we also have great shopping centers, great restaurants, great shows — with the addition of the facilities in St. Catharines. ere is so much for everyone.” Serravalle said Revel plans to continue to grow and expand alongside Niagara’s real estate growth, but no matter what they will continue to maintain the same level of teamwork and business integrity the larger they grow. “[Niagara] was undervalued years ago and I think now we are just leveling off to a point where it is going to become comparable to other nice places in Ontario,” said Serravalle. “It is nice to be part of this surge and contribute to it because this region is a great place to live and a great place to raise a family.”

For more information on Revel Reality and how you can get started finding the home of your dreams, visit

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