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There seems to be no shortage of companies offering digital advertising solutions, which makes choosing an agency, a very important decision. Many agencies offer to serve advertisements to millions of consumers, which might be impressive on the surface, but what qualifies these consumers? By simply showing the advertisement to everyone and hoping the message sticks is not the most efficient and cost-effective solution for your business.

ADFUEL a division of Rev Publishing is not your typical digital marketing agency. Our collaborative, fully transparent approach achieves the best results for your business needs. We employ technology that can identify consumers based on their interests, demographics, geography and more to ensure that your message is shown to the correct consumer. Our approach ensures the quality of quantity, leading to qualified clicks above industry standards resulting in sales for your business.

When choosing a digital advertising campaign most start with display advertisements as they are the most common advertisements served to consumers. They are the advertisements found at the top of your favourite webpage, on the side of your Facebook timeline and even within your favourite app. Many qualifiers can be employed to determine who sees your advertisements.

MicroPromiximity + Lookback

Did you know you can choose to serve an advertisement in real time to a consumer who has entered your business or even your competitor’s establishment? MicroProximity and Lookback can combine to serve an advertisement where the customer is located currently and then send them a message retargeting them later, when they are likely to be most receptive. This can be useful for car dealerships that wish to serve an ad to customers at their competitor’s locations, urging them to check out their location before making a decision.

Device ID

Another useful tool ADFUEL uses is Device Id Targeting, which uses the consumers’ unique, specific device number to identify if the user has been in a targeted location during specified, customizable timeframes. Meaning ADFUEL can target a past event such as a conference and serve advertisement to all or a specific group of the attendees. Imagine not having to attend another boring conference, paying travel fees and having your message lost in the expo hall again, when you can just choose ADFUEL to target and deliver your message anywhere in the world.

In order to judge if the digital advertising campaigns are successful, the industry and ADFUEL uses a Click Through Rate (CTR) value. The Click Through Rate is the measure of clicks per impressions the campaign receives. The industry standard uses a rate of 0.05% to determine success, however, ADFUEL guarantees a rate of 0.1%, double that of the industry standard. This is just one benefit ADFUEL employs to ensure advertising is delivered to the right person at the right place at the right time.

Many of ADFUEL’s benefits are unique to ADFUEL and are critical to achieving your objectives. Learn more about the ADFUEL advantage by visiting or call us 905-356-7283 to get started today.  

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