Ravenhead Homes: Renovating Niagara One House At A Time

We all have a vision of our dream home. It could be from a childhood memory, a picture in a magazine, or a house spotted on a Sunday drive. We don’t like to admit it but we all do. Some of us have the pleasure of attaining our dream home, while others strive to upgrade their current home to reach its full potential. We find ourselves saying, “If only the cupboards looked like this” or “Taking down this wall would really open up the space.” From top to bottom, Ravenshead Homes Inc. is helping homeowners across the Niagara Region create the perfect space to call home. “I started as an apprentice with a carpenter right out of school and I have been in construction ever since,” says James Green, owner of Ravenshead Homes Inc. “We have been in the business for 15 years now, but incorporated Ravenshead Homes in 2016.” As a graduate of the Niagara College Home Inspection Program, Green uses his keen eye to perform and consult on all the aspects of home inspection throughout the building process and for
potential renovation contracts. Although Ravenshead has a diverse portfolio of expertise in all areas of construction, they currently focus on renovations. “We do all kinds of work. Everything from a fence to a custom build: every day is different given the variety of projects that we do,” says Green.

Although the company is named after Green’s hometown in England, Ravenshead associates itself with the raven. Known as a fierce and clever bird, the raven has many symbols throughout history. “We focus on how the nest is a home,” says Green. Green is currently in the process of using technology to develop a friendly and stress free approach to design and renovations. “Our new program is called ‘The Nest,’” says Green. “We are working towards a ‘build to suit’ program that creates packages geared towards the needs of the individual,” he explains. “The Nest is an interactive web page with five easy steps to select the five essential components of a build or addition: the architectural drawings, foundation,
structure, roof, and windows.” Green is pleased with the freedom that the Nest Program gives to his clients. “We can gear the renovation to a variety of price points as each category has subcategories,” says Green. “It gives the customer a ballpark range of costs and they can see the numbers change as they make different selections,” adds Green. “We will draw out a game plan, assemble the package, and do the work,” explains Green. “I think this program will give a lot of choice and flexibility, especially for those who want to flip houses or family members that want to contract out the
work themselves.” Green boasts about the company’s ability to combine a homeowners’ vision with their budget. “We see some higher end finishes that we can put to different price approaches while bringing our own experiences and details to the build,” says Green. “We help with design and what will work well with the space by taking the appeal of the best designs and applying them to all types of builds,” says Green who services anywhere across the Niagara Region from Fort Erie to Grimsby.

“Everyone wants a new modern look,” says Green. “Niagara Region is at a point where homeowners are wanting to move out of the 70s design era and are eager to see a more modern look” he explains. “People’s families are growing, but they can’t afford to move with today’s market,” says Green, adding that rear additions are very common right now. Green offers this advice to new homeowners, “Don’t be afraid to ask questions before you start assembling drawings. Don’t get ahead of the game in order to ensure that it fits the scope of what the contractor can do,” he says. “Let the contractor help you reach your goal,” says Green, stating that homeowners can avoid a lot of hassle and wasted funds by communicating with the contractor before beginning drawings. “My advice is find the right builder and work towards designing and building your project together,” says Green.

Green acknowledges that sometimes small upgrades can please a homeowner and transform a room. “On a budget, paint goes a long way,” says Green. “Changing your trim or adding crown molding to the ceiling is a small cost that changes the home and would give it a rich look.” Ravenshead is a full service company. “From start to finish we put together
everything by organizing all the sub trades,” says Green. “We take the stress out of the project and shoulder the burden for the homeowner. We also work with clients who are capable of doing some of the work themselves and don’t need a builder every step of the way,” says Green. Green takes a personal approach when dealing with clients. “Given that we are a small builder, it’s hands on,” says Green. “I have a better understanding of the end picture because I am on site and at the front lines to solve the problem. From site meetings to swinging the hammer, I am present every step of the way,” says Green. Homes truly are a blank slate. If you are looking for a change, big or small, allow Ravenshead Homes Inc. to demonstrate the endless possibilities for your perfect “Nest.” TM

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