Pinterest Marketing Done Right

Learning how to market and promote your company can be challenging. Fortunately, Pinterest offers a simple way to gain new customers without spending a dime. Pinterest is essentially a photo-sharing website; however, each picture is accompanied by a description and a link. This means each time someone shares or pins your picture, your website will be included with the image. Even if someone has never heard of your services before, they’ll have a quick way to reach your website. If you are new to Pinterest or you’re simply new to using Pinterest as a marketing tool, there are several ways you can make sure your marketing efforts are as successful as possible.

  1. Leave Comments 

While most users understand the value in sharing pins from other users, not everyone understands the importance of leaving comments. Whether or not you choose to share a pin with your own followers, consider leaving a comment on pins related to your company. Avoid directly advertising your company in the comments section of Pinterest. This will quickly get your account marked as “spam” and Pinterest may even withdraw your user privileges completely. Instead, leave a meaningful, thought-out comment that applies to the picture. This will demonstrate to other pinners that you’re serious about using Pinterest and that you actually care about the information and pictures other users are sharing.

2. Share Pins from Other Users 

While you may be tempted to only post and share your own pictures, it’s important that you share pins from other users. This doesn’t have to take a lot of time or energy. In fact, you can share pins other users have posted in less than 10 minutes. Simply perform a quick search on Pinterest and pin several of the images that come up. It’s a good idea to search for images related to your company. For example, if you run a healthcare company, you could share pins related to boosting your immune system or on implementing an exercise routine. If you run a legal office, you could share pins related to laws and personal legal issues.

3. Take Quality Photos 

When you share a picture on Pinterest with a link back to your website, your goal is that other users will share the image and their followers will click on it. As more people visit your website and become familiar with what you offer, you’ll discover that your conversion rate begins to increase, as well. Understand, however, that users will not want to click your image if you post a poor quality picture. Make sure that each image you post on Pinterest is of high quality. The lighting in the image should be good and users should have a clear view of the primary focal point. Never post an image that is blurry or fuzzy. You should also avoid posting pictures you took with a cell phone camera. Remember that when you post a quality picture, users will believe you’re offering a quality service.

4. Create Exciting Descriptions

Many users forget to include a description with their picture. This is a huge mistake! Always include a description for each image you upload. Even if you can only include a very brief piece of writing, it’s important to say something about the picture or service. This will give users a more thorough understanding of what you’re offering, but it will also increase the number of views your picture receives. When someone performs a search on Pinterest, your image could show up based on the keywords they used in their search. This means your image will be seen by a wider audience and will not be solely limited to your followers.

5. Alter Your Pictures 

Always include the name of your company on your pictures. It’s also a good idea to share a quote or your company motto on each image. This draws people in and gives them a deeper understanding of what your company offers. Additionally, this will protect you should someone accidentally delete your item description or product link since users will be able to look up your services using your company name.

When you first begin using Pinterest, you may feel disappointed if you don’t experience immediate results. Understand that while Pinterest is a wonderful way to market your company, gaining new followers and getting new customer orders can take time. Try to avoid becoming frustrated if you don’t experience instant sales and remember that marketing is a process. As you learn to navigate Pinterest and become more comfortable using the site, you’ll discover that you gradually build a successful following that converts into sales for your company. 

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