Performance Lexus: One Great Performance Deserves Another

“Must see,” “critically acclaimed,” and “award-winning” are common phrases in the world of dramatic arts. After an opening night, any producer or actor would hope to see these words written about their play or musical in bold print. In November of 2015, Performance Lexus revealed to their guests the new 2016 Lexus RX 350, F Sport and Hybrid, in a spectacular presentation that would please any critic. Performance Lexus, a proud supporter of the performing arts, held the event at the First Ontario Performing Arts Centre in St. Catharines, ON.

Manufactured in Cambridge, ON, Lexus is no stranger to accolades and high performance reviews. Lexus has been rated #1 car for reliability and dependability by JD Powers, an honour they have held for several years.

“The brand has evolved from current state of the art to a higher level: it’s the evolution of refinement,” states Ralph Fazio, Sales and Leasing Consultant for Performance Lexus. “The design language of the car will appeal to a lot of different people. It’s the vehicle,” says Fazio.

“In all my years in the automotive industry, I have never been more excited for a car,” states Vince Lepiane, General Sales Manager of Performance Lexus. “It’s a striking look. When you drive down the road, you know it’s a Lexus.”

From the inside out, the new model has undergone many changes and improvements. The aerodynamics of the car has been adjusted in an effort to control airflow, ensure stability and reduce drag; resulting in a quieter and faster ride. With a new engine mounting system designed to enhance steering response, advanced power steering, and improved braking response, the new Lexus has excelled in driving performance.

“The technology features are revolutionary,” states Lepiane. With safety in mind, Lexus pairs together radar and camera technology to assist in collision avoidance. The car will alert the driver to vehicles in its blind spot, and steering wheel vibrations will make the driver aware of lane departures. When reversing, an alert will sound if there is an approaching car. A panoramic view to the navigation system, automatic high beam, heated steering wheel, and heating rear outboard seats are also features of the new model.

From the stitching in the sophisticated interior to the unique laser cutting technique used to create the “rich expression of wood and the sharp texture of metal,” as stated in the Lexus reveal video, the “Takumi,” or skilled craftsman, have outdone themselves with the quality of this vehicle. “It is a work of art,” says Lepiane.

Marc and Sue Lavigne have been driving luxury cars for over 10 years. After spending three months researching which luxury vehicle on the market would suit their needs, the couple traded in their Lexus 2013 RX 350 for the new 2016 RX 350. “The new 2016 is a smooth ride. For luxury and capacity, the Lexus has all other luxury vehicles beat. I can fit four golfers and four sets of golf clubs,” states Marc Lavigne. From changes in the stick shift, powertrain, and the exhaust, Lavigne has been pleased when comparing his previous Lexus to the new 2016 model. “I like the chiselled lines of the exterior. It gives it more of a stealth look,” says Lavigne. “Comfort on a two day drive from Niagara Falls to Sarasota Florida is a must. The vehicle feels sporty on the steering wheel and comfortable on the seat. It’s hard to find that in the vehicle,” says Lavigne.

“What clients want is an experience,” states Marina Soare, Sales and Leasing Consultant for Performance Lexus. “From the moment you walk into our dealership to the moment you walk out you will have a great experience,” states Soare. “It’s everything you want from a new design to a new level of comfort. My best feeling is when our guests say that this is exactly what they always wanted in a car. The car is better when you see it, touch it, and feel its craftsmanship. Come and see it.”

“As Lexus owners, you are members of a very prestigious family known as “Club Lexus.” Club Lexus is governed by the Lexus Covenant – a commitment to the finest products and to the most satisfying ownership experience. Creating remarkable guest experiences has been a focus of Performance Lexus since 1990,” states Mario Bruno, General Manager of Performance Lexus.

Performance Lexus is a trusted division of Performance Auto Group. Performance Auto Group is the largest automotive retailer in Ontario with 22 brands – including Acura, BMW, MINI, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, RAM, FIAT, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, EQUUS, Kia, Lexus, Toyota, Scion, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, smart, Mitsubishi, Nissan, and Subaru – in 29 locations within Brampton, Brantford, Bolton, Grimsby, Oakville, Orangeville, and St. Catharines-Niagara.

Performance Auto Group is owned by Glen and Steve Alizadeh and their sister, May Allison. In speaking with Glen Alizadeh, he stated their goal is to ensure that “Performance Lexus guests enjoy every moment being Lexus owners. This includes our Complimentary Valet Program. We’ll come to you for test drives or for service.”

Stella Adler, actress and acclaimed acting teacher of many A-Listers stated, “You’ll never be great unless you aim high.” Lexus has accomplished just that – with the entirely-new 2016 RX 350, Lexus has gone above and beyond in comfort and performance.

“If you have never driven a Lexus, or if you haven’t considered us before, you have to consider us now,” concludes Lepiane. For more information visit 


By: Jill Tham 

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