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Individuality is key for 2017 weddings; couples want an event that will reflect who they are as a couple. While the basic blueprint of a wedding stays the same, where that uniqueness really shines through is…in the details. We’ve done our best to compile a section of some of the most interesting and creative trends for 2017. 



No more all white weddings. Colour is back in a big way. Less florals and more prop type decorations are the way people are going this year. Hanging centerpieces that really make a huge visual impact are big. Unique and elaborate entrances are becoming a trend, and are a great way to get your guests attention right off  the bat. Fire breathers, flower tunnels…anything goes in 2017.

Couples are increasingly starting to use the space above guest tables. Whether it is a tall centerpieces, hanging candelabras or low hanging string lights. For flowers, garlands, organic bouquets and centerpieces are all going to be popular this year.

Get creative with your entertainment! Interactive food stations and lawn games are great for getting people mingling and having a good time!

Greenery is big this year…and lots of it! On the cake, on the tables, in your hair, strung through chairs, bouquets…the possibilities are endless.

Types of weddings that are big this year: barn weddings (people are loving the woodsy, rustic feel of a barn setting; vintage weddings (everything old always becomes new again); watercolour weddings, boho weddings, forest weddings, fairy tales weddings are also some of the ‘”themes” couples are going with.


Get Local!


Niagara has tons of assets, especially in the area of food, so why not incorporate a local specialty in your big day. Never ending food! It can often make a lasting impression on guests, so keep it wing! Late night snacks have gone from an “add on” to a “must do”, and other courses are also being added to the main meal. Sweet teeth! Couples are expanding beyond the traditional cake into doughnuts, cookies, candy and carnival food such as funnel cakes, cotton candy etc.


Signature Cocktail

Signature Cocktails:

Becoming increasingly popular is the idea of creating a signature drink for the big day. Whether this takes the form of a Bloody Mary bar, a flight of wine or beer, or a delicious hot toddy perfect for a winter wedding. Whatever it is, it’ll be special if it’s created together by the couple.


This goes one step beyond a signature cocktail; by brewing your own beer, you are giving your wedding guests a truly personalized experience. It can be personalized even further by including a photo of the couple on the label, or perhaps a hand drawn illustration.



According to anything goes with the comeback of high collars or plunging necklines; or embellish with a cape, streamer sleeves or feathers.


A wonderful modern alternative to a veil is the cape or capelet. Add a bit of drama and dimension to your gown with a full length cape (or channel your inner superhero) to transition into your next outfit with a big reveal.


Feathers have been showing up for the past few seasons and it looks like this trend is not going anywhere soon. The main evolution here is that they are more delicate looking (think wispy plumes of an ostrich).   This look is unrefined, whimsical  and completely glamourous.


A high collar screams sophisticated and regal. Opt for scalloped lace for a regal feel, or go sleek satin collar for a more modern one.

How to accessorize: Wear dramatic statement earrings and an unkept updo to complement this look.


More and more brides are ditching the white dresses in favour of some colour and that trend is only continuing to grow in 2017. From pale pinks to glittery golds to beautiful blues, the options are endless. Find one that matches your personality and go the non-traditional route!


The most flattering of all necklines, the deep V-Neckline, is a must-try to flatter any upper body (especially if you’re extra curvy) and does wonders to elongate your torso. Go for scalloped lace or  floral appliqué for a really feminine look.


According to the 2017 Pantone Fashion Colour Report, these 10 hues have shown up all over the runway for spring and it’s not hard to see why. We’re in love with this palette of earth inspired colours that range from bright and vivid to those that evoke a sense of calm and earthiness.



is refreshing yellow-green speaks to the explorer in all of us -inspiring us to start anew and to take risks. Like a breath of fresh air, this exciting and promising hue leaves us feeling optimistic and alive with new possibilities and new beginnings.

PANTONE 17-4123

• Niagara

We’ve not only made it – we’re dominating! As the most prevalent colour for spring fashion, Niagara is fast becoming a popular choice for 2017. This safe denim-like blue is both familiar and classic. Make this hue your “something blue” and secure your good fortune.

PANTONE 13-0755

• Primrose Yellow

Sweet and confident this mid-tone yellow is joyful without being obnoxious. It’s easy on the eyes and is near impossible to not be affected with a sense of good cheer and warm summer days.

PANTONE 19-4045

Lapis Blue

Want intensity? Lapis Blue comes on strong with it’s radiant energetic shade of blue. This confident shade can stand on it’s own or be paired as a base for many of the other  more vibrant shades in this colour palette.

PANTONE 17-1462

• Flame

Dramatic and attention getting, Fiery. Add some drama by incorporating this vibrant shade and watch it bring every other colour in this palette to life.

PANTONE 14-4620

• Island Paradise

is breezy cool blue calls to mind exotic tropical locales and stimulates our desire to relax and be spontaneous.

PANTONE 13-1404

• Pale Dogwood

is sleepy shade of pink is charming and embodies a sense of innocence and glowing good health.

PANTONE 17-2034

• Pink Yarrow

is wild and attention getting hue is not for the faint of heart. Use this colour as your primary to make an un-ignorable statement; for the more conservative this shade injects a bolt of heat and excitement to a more subdued colour palette.

PANTONE 18-0107

• Kale

Much like Greenery this shade is a call to nature. Use this rich and natural colour to root your more vibrant tones in the palette.

PANTONE 14-1315

• Hazelnut

Subdued and modest this shade is warm and classy. This earthy tone is a great transitional colour as it pairs nicely with dark or more vibrant colours without getting upstaged.

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