Pack This Not That: Healthy and Easy Food Substitutions

Sometimes switching out simple ingredients for something else can make all the difference in calories, but not necessarily in taste. You need your mid day meal to help push you through the rest of your working d ay, and if you choose the right foods, you will feel more energized, refreshed and healthy.  Try these quick and easy substitutions to make you lunch just that much healthier.
1) Instead of white bread, go for a whole grain. Whole grains contain all parts of the grain kernel, whereas white bread has had the fiber and the nutrients processed out of it.
2) Instead of a dessert with your lunch, get in the habit of eating some fruit instead. Berries, oranges, and other fruits will do the job of satisfying any sweet cravings.
3) If you are making a recipe that calls for mayo or sour cream, try using non-fat Greek yogurt instead. The consistency is the same, but it has less fast and calories then mayo or sour cream, while also adding an extra amount of protein.
4) You can make a similar healthy swap by substituting any butter or oil in a recipe for mashed avocados. Avocados are high in “good fats” (monosaturates) which can help you maintain a healthy cholesterol level.4)
5) Similar to avocados, you can use mashed bananas to replace the fats in your recipes. One cup of mashed banana works great to replace 1 cup of butter or oil. Banana is also full of potassium, fiber and vitamin b6.
6) If you are bringing a salad to work for lunch, replace your crotons with nuts or seeds. Same thing if you are putting granola on yogurt; instead of the sugary packaged stuff, try using walnuts or almonds instead.
7) Since fall is rolling around, it is time for soup making season again. Instead of thickening your soups with fat filled cream, try using pureed sweet potato instead. The sweet potato is lower in fat and also packed with potassium.

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