Not Another Toaster: Gift Guide

While you’re drowning in a sea of taffeta and checklists, don’t forget to spend some time with the other, other checklist: your bridal registry. It sounds like fun… you and your husband-to-be get to take that always talked about, but never really happens trip to a major department store to shop for whatever YOU want! You can actually consider those fancy gadgets that didn’t seem so important before, but now are monumental additions to your kitchen or home – that fancy juicer is now in reach. That doesn’t sound painful at all… until you get there. You’ll be confronted with a thousand different themes, and a thousand different products, by a thousand different companies, with a thousand different prices. Fortunately, major department stores have made it easy for the bride by compiling checklists of “must-have” items. But what if you already have over half of the items on the checklist already? With more couples now living together before they get married, fancy wine glasses and everyday plates are probably already a part of their living space. To make this daunting task a little easier, here are a few ideas for both the couples starting fresh, and the couples making additions.
1. Wedgwood by Vera Wang – Consider this the “new” china. With modern and contemporary designs to suit almost any taste, this classic collection is widely considered a must-have for dining and entertaining.
2. Nambe’s collection of Alloy products – Highlighted by its thermal retention property, these sleek modern pieces are a bit of a spin-off from stainless steel so they don’t tarnish, chip or break.
3. Greenwich Grove by Kate Spade – Combine classic designs and modern colour with Kate Spade’s set of dinnerware and dining accessories.
1. Pull through Knife Sharpener by Zwilling J.A. Henckels – Knives sets are a staple on almost every bridal registry, so why not add a knife sharpener to yours? This handy tool will help you to maintain your new set.
2. Varietal glasses by Mikasa – While wine glasses are a great go-to gift, a set of varietal glasses will add a little something extra to your in-house bar.
3. Kitchenaid mixer attachments – If you don’t already have the Kitchenaid Artisan Stand Mixer, this is a must-have on your list. But if you do already have the mixer, the attachments are essential. Depending on the attachment, you can easily make pasta, ice cream, juice… it seems the possibilities are endless.
1. OXO line of handy kitchen gadgets to make your life easier – Egg slicers, mandolins, plate squeegee, can openers… you name it, they’ve made it. Add a few of these items to save time in the kitchen and make it way more enjoyable
2. Electronic Salt and Pepper Mills by Cuisineart – Maybe you saw these fancy salt and pepper mills and thought they were totally un-necessary: they’re not.
3. The Simplehuman Soap Pump – take control of cross-contamination with this hands-free soap dispenser. You can also control the soap and the dispensed soap volume making this one handy accessory that belongs in your kitchen or bathroom.
1. Powertools – This is something you probably won’t be seeing on your registry checklist, but is usually just as important. In fact, a lot of couples are also creating mini-registries suited toward their groom. Bone china may not excite them as much as that DeWalt cordless drill he’s been eyeing.
2. The 8-person classic raclette party grill by Swissmar – Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, this party grill is perfect for entertaining, while also giving your husband-to-be his BBQ fix in the middle of winter.
3. Villeroy & Boch crystal decanters – Highball glasses, jiggers and wine decanters are bridal registry favourites, but no man-cave is ever complete without a suitable scotch decanter.

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