Niagara Teambuilding Activities

Team-building is a great way to ensure that employees learn to work as a cohesive unit, and the most fun way to do this? Get out of the office. Meeting outside of the workplace allows team members to form stronger bonds and get a better understanding of their co-workers strengths and weaknesses. They learn about each other and take their relationship to a new level of trust and collaboration. The new relationship directly affects the interaction at work, helping people collaborate more and be more productive.
Niagara is full of tons of great options for team-building activities, everything from running around on Clifton Hill to trying to think your way out the “Escape Room”. What follows are just some of the fun and exciting team-building activities Niagara has to offer.
Clifton Hill
When you are talking about fun, there is no better place to go in Niagara Falls, then Clifton Hill, which is known as…the street of fun! It is full of lights, colour and sound: haunted houses, fun houses, rides, restaurants, mini putt, arcades, laser tag, bowling: there are so many fun activities, it’s hard to know where to start! Clifton Hill is fun for all ages, and makes the perfect playground for some team-building activities.
Dinosaur Mini Putt
It’s the perfect place for co-workers to challenge each other in a mini-putt tournament, all while being surrounded by giant pre-historic dinosaurs that move and occasionally even roar. Dinosaur Adventure Golf has two 18-hole courses, appropriately named, “Raptor” and “T-Rex”. The courses are spread out over 70,000 square feet.
Strike, Rock N’Bowl
This place is great for entertaining groups and features 14 full size 10 pin bowling lanes. The music pumps as bowlers compete either with or against each other. The bowling alley is located inside a full service Boston Pizza, so plenty of food and drinks are available. There is also billiards, high-tech arcade games and racing simulators.
Captain Jack’s Pirate Cove
This venue has over “40,000 square feet of fun and excitement” and is an ideal place to organize team-building activities, and they offer several team-building challenges that encourage co-workers to work together. They have the “D&B Corporate Challenge”, which takes place in teams of 5-6 people who compete against each other on Pirate Cove’s midway. They also offer the “ultimate quest”, which is a scavenger hunt type game where teams must figure out how to use their leadership and organizational skills.  More information is available at
Crock A Doodle
This is the perfect place to have a unique team-building event. Let everyone express his or her creativity by doing some pottery painting. There are several different options available for groups.
Escape Room
This adventure filled game will be open for team-building activities as of October 2014. This game will involve your group trying to make their escape from a room through solving a series of puzzles. The games “require collaboration, creativity and critical thinking”; the only way to get out is through working together-the perfect team-building activity. Escape Room is located at 4448 Queen Street in Downtown Niagara Falls. You can get more information by visiting
Corporate Explorer Training
This company offers team-building activities all over the world, and offers a variety of them right here in Niagara. The company has high energy, activity based programs such as Behaviour Style 360 Degree Matrix, which looks at leadership styles, Optimal Time Management, which examines time saving and organizational techniques, 7 Habits Outback Style and many more. More information is available at
Wine Country Tours
This company offers a wide variety of team-building activities that fall into either the “culinary” or “adventure” categories. They have culinary team-building activities such as, “a piece of cake that takes the cake”, where teams work together to bake cakes, a “cook off challenge”, where teams have to prepare a meal out of only certain ingredients and adventure-esque team-building activities such as a “geo-caching trek” where teams work together to find hidden objects, or “green with envy”, where teams work together to build their own mini golf course. For more information, visit

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