Niagara Music Awards

The lights, the cameras, the magnificent outfits modelled on the red carpet… on the evening of Sunday September 30th inside the Champagne Banquet Hall in St. Catharines, artists, music industry professionals, and supporters of the arts community gathered to celebrate the 11th annual Niagara Music Awards.

Just like the music award shows we see on television and in magazines, Niagara Music Awards, together with Music City Events, delivered an extravagant evening complete with full banquet-style catering, professional photography, and live performances.

Inside the building, the decor included chandeliers, ambient lighting, and of course, a red carpet, to captivate an LA-inspired atmosphere. Throughout the evening, there were 14 live performances by talented local artists and bands, opening with Jessica Wilson, the winner of the 2017 People’s Choice Award. Jessica was awarded this title for the second year in a row later in the evening.

“Talk about an incredible show, with an amazing vibe. I’m still riding the rush of pure emotions from such an electrifying evening,” says Cooper Brown of Niagara Music Awards.

musicians niagara music awards

Every year, Niagara’s musicians and music lovers eagerly anticipate the Niagara Music Award’s Red Carpet Event which showcases the region’s seasoned and emerging talent.

This year, the sold-out event catered to a crowd of over 550 attendees who came to watch the live announcement of the winners of 25 award categories.

“Best Bar Band is really one of the best awards a band can receive. Bars and pubs are where the rubber hits the road. We need to deliver consistent high-level performances that fill the venues and entertain guests all night long!”- Rob Cave, Vinyl Flux, three-time winner of NMA Best Bard Band.


Niagara Music Awards 2018 started with the Kick Off Glow Party, which opened the call for submissions for artists. It took place on Wednesday May 23rd at Johnny Rocco’s Bar and Grille in St. Catharines.

Following the initial launch, in the months leading up to the final award ceremony, the community was welcome to nominate local musicians for the award categories, giving undiscovered talent an opportunity to be noticed, and local celebrities a chance to increase their publicity.

During the week leading up to the final Red Carpet ceremony, NMA hosted events at locations in Niagara including Feast Street in Welland, Country Night at Bull Market, and showcases at Monty’s.

For artists, opportunity has grown in Niagara significantly over the years, largely impart of the increase in opportunities for both PR and exposure through a musical community which has been brought together by events including Niagara Music Awards.

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“Niagara, as we know it, is an incredible place, and the legacy of ‘The Niagara Music Awards’, has provided, and continues to provide, so much opportunity, and a platform, for musicians, and artists in Niagara, to take their next steps into the local and global entertainment industry,” says Danny Lamb, winner of the 2018 Award for Original Song of the Year (‘Champion’ Ft. Chris Tse & Meaghan Gowrie).

Over the past 11 years, the NMA has been held at a variety of venues throughout Niagara, including last year at the Greg Frewin Theatre, and year 7 at Taps On Queen, where Niagara Falls’ own world-famous Electronic DJ, Deadmau5 attended and gave out the awards.

“The event has grown organically over the years. So many Niagara musicians are having success, from working full time with a career in music to full-blown celebrity status. So many artists, venues, business owners, festival organisers, sponsors, media and volunteers have committed time, money, and resources to help make the Niagara Music Awards a successful annual event,” says Todd Brown, Organiser of Niagara Music Awards.

2018 niagara music awards

Niagara Music Awards strives to continue as a resource to help Niagara-region musical talent to be discovered and recognised within their community, and to make connections which could lead to international exposure. It is an event not only valued by our community, but by the national and international music industry looking to discover some of the world’s best musical talent.


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