More Than a Big White Wedding

White doves, horse-drawn carriages, designer dresses with long trains and flowers scattered behind us; for modern brides, it’s not enough to do a traditional “Big White Wedding”.

With wedding ideas trending on social media, and after attending enough to know our options, it’s no wonder that receptions are now the most important part of the bride and groom’s special day.

Some ideas may be simple and inexpensive, where as others may only be an option for comfortable budgets. Whatever it may be, your wedding day is one of the most important milestones in your life, so you want to be sure that not only you, but that your guests remember it.

Here are some trends in modern weddings, which may give you ideas for a memorable, dream day.

Photo Booth

wedding photo boothWhen caught up in the ‘awe’ of a wedding, guests often forget one of the most important parts of the day- to take pictures! Although almost every wedding has a photographer, the trend is now for couples to hire professional photo booth services to set up at their reception.

On a drop background, your guests can gather and pose using props such as hats, wigs, signs, and masks provided by the photographer, and take home a print out picture. Hire a company, or supply your own props and get a volunteer from your wedding party to take photos and post them after the event.

DIY Flower Station

wedding flowersAllow your guests make their own bouquets and corsages to wear for the evening, afterwards encouraging them to turn the dry flowers into potpourri as a remembrance of your wedding. Ask your florist about DIY flower stations. They set up make-your-own-flower stations, providing ribbons with ‘bling’ and tags with the couple’s names and date on them.

Choreographed Wedding Party Dance

Turn your wedding into a musical…have your wedding party perform a surprise choreographed dance. Some couples have their bridesmaids and groomsmen dance down the aisles, and others save the performance for the reception.

Late Night Snack Bar

Wedding Snack Bar After the cocktail reception with hors d’oeuvres, and three-course dinner with wedding cake, your guests will likely still have the late night munchines. “Build Your Own Poutine Stations” are among one the most unique choices for Canadian Brides. Fresh cut fries with toppings including gravy, pulled pork, cheese curds, short rib and sautéed mushrooms will be a hit amongst your friends.

Brunch Weddings

brucnh wedding Host your ceremony in the morning, and proceed with a reception which occurs over the brunch hour. Serve breakfast-buffet favourites like waffles, egg and bacon casserole and omelette stations. Offer a lighter selection of alcohol such as wine, beer, and the Bloody Mary!

Bubbly Bars



A Champagne toast to the bride and groom is a wedding tradition. Rather than simply pass out a flight of sparkling wine, consider setting up a bar where guests can add syrups, fruits, and flavoured ice cubes to make a champagne cocktail. If your budget is flexible, you can supply the bar with take-home wine flutes engraved with the couple’s name.

Social Media Hashtags

social media Since social media has become integral in the lives of this generation’s newlyweds, it’s no wonder someone started the trend of assigning the wedding with a specific hashtag for social media. It’s a fun way for guests to post their photos and have everything in one place for other guests and the couple to see. Stick with something simple and traditional like “#StacyBenSmithWedding2018” or come up with something fun like “Blucytiestheknot18” (Ben/Lucy) and post signs for your guests around the venue.

Personalised Drink Coasters

wedding coasters If your guests are having fun at your wedding, chances are they’ll be mingling, dancing, and enjoying the venue, and not always with their drink in their hands. Drink coasters with a bespoke message such as “On the Dance Floor – Please Don’t Take My Drink”, ensure drinks aren’t accidentally cleared by the banquet staff. Order custom coasters with the bride’s and groom’s names and wedding date, and these will be souvenirs for your guests to take home.

Custom Take Out Boxes

Take Out BoxesDon’t let your catering go to waste. Ask the catering company to set aside left over food from your cocktail hour, main course, late night snacks and of course, the cake, and give guests the option to take food to go, in a personal take out container. Search “Wedding Favour Boxes” online and you can find many options for fancy yet affordable takeout containers, some even with the option to customize. If you choose a durable style, your guests can even keep the container as a souvenir.

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