Mind Blocks: Creativity and Where It Lives

The topic of creativity poses many questions. Where does creativity come from? Do we all have the ability to be creative? Why do some people seem to effortlessly come up with creative ideas or concepts? What is it that awakens a creative mind? When does creativity happen and what is the best way to spark a creative idea?

Creativity comes from a clear connection between the physical and the non-physical—our soul or what some may call our spirit. This connection is where ideas can flow freely and amazing things can be achieved. Everyone has the ability to be creative! We just must learn to allow ourselves to open our creative mind. We all have the ability and are instinctively creative—we are born with it!

If you want an example of creativity in its purest form, just pay attention to the creativity in children. When young children say or do certain things we are amazed and wonder where their ideas came from. Children are very much connected to the non-physical world where all is known and created already. They are open to receiving new thoughts, information and ideas without boundaries or limitations and are open enough to allow their imagination to run free. Because children are still innocent, the information and creativity can easily flow because they live in the present moment. They have not yet learned about, or been corrupted by, limited beliefs and negative emotions that block the flow of a creative mind. They are not thinking about what others may think of their ideas, and quite frankly don’t care. Children are our greatest role models for creative thinking! Are you feeling a creative block at work or while doing a project? An afternoon spent with your five year-old child, niece, nephew, or grandchild may be all you need to realize your creative freedom.

People of different walks of life and in many different professions try to awaken their creative mind by turning to different sources. Meditation, relaxation, and different forms of stimulations are all means to unleashing your creative thoughts. Although I do not suggest or condone it, some have even tried hallucinogenic drugs in a quest for their next moment of creative genius. Whatever the means, what you are trying to achieve is a “state-of-mind.” A state-of-mind where you feel free, and in the present moment, where everything is clear and flows easily.

Creativity can only happen when we are in a conscious state-of-mind—conscious means to be in the present moment. Creativity cannot happen when our brain is wandering in the subconscious. When our mind is wandering in the subconscious it thinks of the past and to the future and creates anxiety, worry, and doubt. The mind never stops running in this state and people will create roadblocks for why they shouldn’t allow an idea to flow or surface. Instead when we are conscious, or in the present moment, no distractions exist and everything will flow easily and effortlessly.

If you want to spark a creative idea first you must figure out what it is you want to achieve. Then make a clear image of it in your mind with positive feelings connected to it. Release your image to the universe without reservation or hesitation and keep your mind still and in the present moment. If you are focused, ideas will flow to you easily and effortlessly. If you trust, and believe in your ability the possibilities for a creative life are limitless.

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Written By: Flavio Iammarino, Ph.D, SW, C.Cht, Doctor in Clinical Hypnosis

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