Mastering The Mind

In order to be successful in business or academically we all require one main ingredient, and it is called faith. Our belief system must be totally congruent with our conscious desire in order for things to work out as they should and for success to unfold.

The belief must be that I am deserving enough, I am good enough, and I am smart enough to receive all of the abundance that I desire. Whether it is money, recognition, happiness, love, peace, or all of the above, with the right belief system in place we can acquire all things.

But if there is a belief that the person is not good enough, or not worthy enough, it does not matter how much the person desires to succeed, or how much hard work they put in, at the end they will fail. Because the belief in the unconscious mind is much stronger than the conscious desire, there will always be something that will sabotage their success.

When I finished school I was excited to start my own construction company, so without hesitation I started to work and to build my business. Although I was getting a lot of work, there always seemed to be a shortage of money. There was a problem on my part. I had a fear of asking for payment that was rightfully mine. No matter how much I pumped myself up preparing to collect on delinquent accounts, when it came time to meet the person who owed me the money face to face, I would freeze up. I was afraid to ask for the money that I had worked for and that was
rightfully mine.

After many years in construction I decided to change direction and began to study how the mind works. I was interested in learning about the traits that made one person successful, while another seemingly similar person was not. After much research I realized that what makes a person successful is not their conscious desire but their unconscious belief.

All our beliefs whether good or bad were ingrained in us by our family, friends, society, school, or the church. But not all of these beliefs instilled in us, support who we are as individual people; a belief that our grandfather or grandmother may have not supported us as an individual and yet at a very young age we were made to believe that we must adopt these values and beliefs as if they were our own. Because of a lack of understanding we accept other people ideas and realities as the truth.

You must understand that ‘the truth’ is something that you have experienced, but ‘a belief’ is something that you have been taught to accept as the truth.

It is important to remember that the truth is only what you have experienced. If you are already in business and experiencing some struggles, or thinking about starting a new business venture, pay close conscious attention to your language. It is important to listen to what you are saying to yourself, and to others, to see if your belief will move you toward success or failure.

A lot of people say, when they see someone who is successful, “they must be lucky”. In my many years learning about behaviours, success has nothing to do with luck! But what it does have to do with is the belief that you are deserving of all good things in life – it is a state of mind.

If you are in business or starting a new business, take a look around you to see who has a similar business that is experiencing success. Then take the time to go and talk with them and ask them what they are doing to be successful. The majority of successful people want others to also be successful and will readily share their experiences and knowledge. Successful people do not feel threatened and understand that there is plenty of work to go around for everyone – they will not be intimidated to speak with you and will be happy to share what they have learned along the way. When they speak pay attention to their belief. You will learn that whatever they want is already theirs in their mind and they deserve to receive it. They put total focus on what they want and they get it!

Those that fail, no matter how hard they think they try, lack a strong belief system that supports success. They fail to look at themselves in the mirror to see where the problems lie. They are often quick to judge, and blame situations or circumstances in their life for their failure.

Remember that the only one that is responsible for your failure and your success is YOU. If your business is not doing as well as you had hoped, or you are about to embark on a new business venture, aligning your beliefs with your desire is the key to success.

If interested in learning more about how you can change your life from hope to expectation and the power your own mind plays in this process please email or call our office at 905-684-1717 – we welcome your call!

By: Flavio Iammarino, PH.D, SW, C.CHT

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