Making the Most of Your Small Spaces

Regardless if you live in a large home or a tiny apartment, everybody wants to use the space in their home in the most effective and functional way possible. Read on for some creative tips on how to maximize space and stay organized in your everyday life.


Transformer Furniture
There are so many pieces these days that have more than one function. Ottomans that can double as both a storage unit and a coffee table once the cushions are flipped over. Picture frames that hang on the wall, but fold down into a small table. A piece such as a nesting tables is perfect for small living rooms, and a deep sofa or can double as a guest bed.


Let’s Get Vertical
Trick the eye by making use of the often unused space between the top of furniture and the ceiling. You can do this by incorporating hanging lights or décor, which will naturally draw the eye upward. You can also put bookshelves up high near the ceiling.


Unify Your Décor
Try and make sure the colours and décor in a room all go together and that there aren’t too many different shades, and it will help to expand your space visually. Sharp contrasts like black and white will make the eye stop, whereas monochromatic schemes and matching items will help the eye flow over the space more evenly.


Incorporate Built Ins
Build ins are great for those little nooks and crannies that don’t really serve any other purpose: under stairs, corners, etc. Adding a built in island to your kitchen area can also be a huge space saver, and a kitchen can never really have enough storage. Not only does it add an extra food preparation area, but it allows for an extra counter space as well. Under the stairs makes for a great place to incorporate bookshelves and cupboards.


Use All Available Space
Take a space like under the bed and use it to its best potential. Get some old drawers and add some casters, and you have stylish yet functional under the bed rolling storage. Instead of having kickboards in your kitchen, put drawers at the bottom to store flat trays and pans.


It’s a good idea to unclutter on a regular basis, whether it is once a week or once a month. If you do it often and regularly, you won’t be left with a daunting yearly task. It’s much less overwhelming to get rid of a couple of items at a time, then go through entire rooms and closets that have filled up over the course of a year. A good rule of thumb is, if you don’t use (or wear) it for a year, you can probably get rid of it.


Go Big For Your Small Space
You may think, hey, small space, small furniture, but that definitely should not be the thought process. The more pieces of furniture you have, the more space it takes up and less functional it becomes. It often is better to just get a larger piece, they will take up more space, but you’ll only need one of each piece.


Blinded by the Light
It’s an old trick, but it has stuck around for good reason: it works. Use mirrors and glass as a way to reflect light and move it around the room. This can be achieved by using a glass table instead of a wooden one and by fitting mirrors into corners, as well as hanging art in glass frames, which will help create even more reflective surfaces, and light.

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