How To Make The Most Of Your Social Media

Social media is a great tool to solidify your market position. It enables you to grow your business, generate brand awareness and even create connections with your customers faster than ever before. Similar to any tool, social media must be used correctly in order to ensure continued success. The following three tips will get you started in the world of social media marketing.


Find Your Voice

Now that you have selected your platforms, you must determine your online voice. In order to find your voice, you should define your audience, language, tone, and purpose of what you are saying. All are a part of an important symbiotic relationship. Your audience is anyone you wish to interact with. Ask yourself: who are these individuals? What is their age? Where are they from? What brings them to the social media platform? In many cases, your audience will be a mix of customers, business partners and even the competition. Be sure that your voice accounts for your diverse audience. Finally, consider the language you wish to use. You are able to be both casual and professional at the same time. By presenting yourself as business casual you are able to relate to the millennial and the baby boomer generation.

Post Often

Social Media is all about telling your brand’s story. To do so, you must post consistently for your story to be heard.

Here are some general rules broken down by platform to help you avoid the pitfalls of over posting.

Aim to post no more than once a day on Facebook, you want your content to stay up- front on your fans feed but not be overwhelmed with irrelevant posts. We all have that one friend that posts multiple times a day on Facebook, saturating your feed, and that can be frustrating. As a business, you don’t want to be frustrating your potential customers.

On the other hand, due to Twitter’s real time nature, you can post as much as you want as long as the messaging is different. To be successful, aim to post at least 3 times a day.

Instagram uses an algorithm which no longer displays content based on when it was posted, so as long as your images are relevant, post as often as you would like!

When posting on LinkedIn, be subjective and only post when content makes sense to B2B viewers. Do you have a new job position available? Do you have a great new tip to share?

Lastly Pinterest. You should be posting often with a variety of products, looks and designs from your business so that customers can pin and save ideas. Pinterest is essentially an inspiration board, so the more inspiration you can deliver a customer, the better.

Social media should be utilized in order to share your brand’s story, and connect with consumers. Not all platforms are beneficial for all industries, so be sure to evaluate your own business and assess the needs.

Where do you want your customers to be able to find you online?

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