Kiran Ahluwalia Presents: LOVEfest


The idea of LOVEfest arose from my personal interest in exploring aspects of cultural intolerance
— the loss of ‘brotherhood’ in mankind. It is a theme close to my personal experience. My story is that of an immigrant born in India and raised in Canada. As an immigrant child the hardships we faced were touted as temporary — the effects were permanent.

On the one hand, I developed a wonderful double culture; two sets of wardrobe and multiple languages to think in. On the other, I developed conflicting etiquettes and ways of doing things that were neither “fully” Indian nor “fully” Canadian.

The Earth now holds seven billion people. For me, this means there are seven billion unique ways of doing things. Yet wherever we live, the majority’s way of doing things becomes the norm; and whatever is different and foreign can easily be mistrusted. The consequence in a large immigrant- based population such as ours is cultural intolerance and dif culty in embracing newness.

LOVEfest opens doors into two religions and cultures that at the very least remain mysterious to the Canadian general public. It brings you exceptional performances of both traditional and modern arts from the Sikh and Muslim cultures and hopes to create a positive curiosity.

What happens inside a Sikh Temple (Gurudwara)? You may never enter one to nd out rst hand, but LOVEfest will take you there. Sikh spirituals (Shabad Kirtan) are only ever heard inside a Gurudwara. But LOVEfest uniquely brings these wonderfully compelling hymns to the public stage by The Bhai Kabal Singh group.


Although the West has been introduced to music from Islam in the form of Su music, we rarely see dance from Islamic traditions.

Tanoura with its colourful spinning skirts is the whirling dervish dance that has evolved in Egypt where it is performed in both religious and folk ceremonies.

Both Sikh spirituals and Tanoura are traditional art forms. Juxtaposed with the traditional are myself and Souad Massi — born into Sikhism in India and Islam in Algeria, respectively. Both of us are modern exponents of music originating in our cultures. We sing

of the human condition, our personal stories as women and the stories of our communities in turmoil. Not to mention that Souad Massi is probably the most renowned female singer- songwriter from the Muslim world.

In one night, on one stage, it is rare to be able to experience art that has survived intact for hundreds of years, plus witness the way in which

elements from that ancient culture have evolved with Western in uence. This is a special once-in-a-lifetime show of high-quality music and dance that illuminates a diverse world of cultural artistic expression. LOVEfest offers performers and audiences alike an unforgettable opportunity to peek into the unknown and “Welcome The Stranger.”

– Kiran Ahluwalia



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