Interior Design Trends 2015

Heavy Metal, Animal Heads & the New Burgundy.
This year, we’re shaking things up!

With each new year, comes new trends, and while it’s not advisable to jump on every bandwagon that rolls on by, check out these trend selections from 2015, and hopefully you’ll find a couple that suit your style. The most important thing when it comes to decorating, is that you enjoy the piece, not that it’s trendy, but if the two happen to match up, then all the better! Pieces that you really truly enjoy never go out of style, and you’ll be able to continue enjoying them even as other trends come and go.

On Page One:

Photography by: David Haskell
Location: by Sally McGarr Realty Corp., Brokerage

Car: Performance Lexus, Lexus 2015 LS 460 AWD.
On mantle:
Stevensville Garden Gallery: White glass lily vase $89.99. On shelves: Stevensville Garden Gallery: Metal Deer Wall Décor $24.99; Hydrangea Floral Spray $35.94; Deco glass vase $59.99; Pretoria Bird Vase $39.99; Home/Live/Solid Cherry Pillows $19.99; Patterned pillows $29.99; Meditation Pillows $39.99.

On Him: Caswell’s, Mount Carmel Centre: Jeans by Heritage 34 $185; Blazer by Renoir $298; V-neck sweater by Scala Milano $75 ; Dress shirt by Leo Chevalier $88; Tie by Montebello $48; Dress pants by Bertini $98; Shoes by base London $178.
On Her: The Boutique, Lundy’s Lane: Black fur trim coat by Elena Wang $ 99; Plum dress by Free People $139.99; Black Tank dress by Free People $80; Gold bracelet by Nora Norway $99;  Black leather necklace with silver “V” $55; Layered black embellished jewel necklace $55; Babydoll dress by Free People $185.

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