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Creativity is key for 2015 weddings; people want their wedding to reflect their individual personalities and who they are as a couple.  While the basics of a wedding stay the same (the “I do’s”, the church, the dress etc.), where that uniqueness really shines through is in the details. We’ve scoured and pinned the web (thanks Pinterest) to compile a section of some of the prettiest and most creative wedding ideas out there.
Regardless of when you decide to get married, there is certainly a flower for every season, with new trends popping up every year. Check out these trends for 2015 and see what is going to be hot for ’15 nuptials.
Floral  Backdrops
One spectacular place to take your pictures is in front of a beautifully designed floral backdrop. Not only do they look good, but the high concentration of flowers in one spot can create lovely aroma as well. If the budget doesn’t necessarily allow for real flowers, you can try a paper alternative. Another option is to use mostly greenery with just a row of flowers: going that route will save a little bit of money.
luxury & Romance
This means flowers and lots of them. Less exposed stems and greenery and just full, big flowers such as hydrangeas, hyacinths and orchids that come in pretty, pastel colours. This is expensive though, so you can only go this route if you have a big budget.

Stick with the Classics
If you are more of a fan of a clean, classic look, you are in luck because that look is on trend for 2015. White and ivory are going to be popular, along with traditional flowers such as roses and calla lilies. It gives an elegant feel to the bouquet.

Hanging Flowers
A great way to decorate an outdoor venue is with the addition of hanging flowers. One way you can do this is by hanging bottles and vases from lower branches of any large trees in the venue.

Wild & Free
This trend is kind of a “right from the garden” look. It was popular last year and it seems like it won’t be going anywhere for this upcoming year. Picture an English garden, but in bouquet form. Instead of one single flower, choose an array of mixed flowers. If you wedding is taking place in the Fall, choose flowers inspired by the forest…ferns, foxgloves and untidy roses. Unstructured and wild is the key for this trend.
Pretty pastels always shout spring and this year, that’s translating over into wedding flowers. Large, big blooming flowers, which give off the feel of a country garden. Peonies work particularly well for this type of look.
Flower Crowns
It used to seem a little hippie-esque, but the trend of brides wearing floral crowns just continues to grow. Depending on your overall wedding theme, you can use more delicate flowers such as gypsophilia or go with more impactful flowers such as roses and hydrangeas.

Beyond Paper
A trend in invitations is to have extremely attention grabbing invitations. Whether it comes in a decorative box, is covered in cellophane, tied with ribbon, rope or twine, shining with crystals or decorated with dried flowers, it’s all about the shiny, eye catching details. Other invitation trends include using bolder colours and skipping the whites and ivories, incorporating photos into the invitations, invitations that tell a story, wooden invites, linen invites, or simply plain and modern invites. The choices are endless. When you send our your invitation, you are essentially giving guests a little peek at what kind of wedding they can expect to attend, so choose wisely!
From Over The Pond
A little bit of Britain is sneaking into weddings décor thanks to the popularity of shows like Downton Abbey. Think afternoon teas and garden parties. Really simple, almost rustic décor. Dining outside, with uncovered tables or covered with simple lace. Centerpieces hang from above, and greenery can be used as decoration.
Drink & Be Merry
Big for drinks this year are champagne towers, flights of different beer and wine, shots of various liquors…whatever the beverage, the key is choice.

Good Eats
A huge trend in weddings this year is to offer up tasting stations. From delicious local food trucks offering midnight snacks to a build your own taco bar, this trend is all about bringing the couples favourite foods to their guests. A big trend in seating is family style dining, it allows for a lot of great interaction and can be really relaxing and create a different vibe for the reception. Other popular midnight food options include milkshakes, an ice cream bar, cookies, pizza…any kind of comfort food makes for a great snack. To keep the energy alive, bring these snacks right out to the dance floor on trays.  Candy or sweets tables are also becoming quite popular….just load up a table with your favourite candies (chosen to match the theme of your wedding of course), provide little brown bags for guests to fill up, and people will be in their glory!
Colour Trends
One of the nicest touches during your wedding is the favours given out to guests. This is a great time to use your D.I.Y skills and give out something that guests will actually use (or eat). Some cool ideas for wedding favours include: mini bottles of liquor, candy bags, tiny recipe books with the couples favourite recipes, herb starter kits, tiny bottles of olive oil, personalized matchbooks, chocolate (can’t go wrong with this one), or a regional specialty (maybe mini bottles of Icewine for Niagara).

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