In The Details

As always, couples want an event that will reflect who they are as a unit.

While the basic blueprint of a wedding stays the same, where that uniqueness really shines through is…in the details. We’ve done our best to compile a section of some of the most interesting and creative trends for 2018.

The Dress: 

Spring 2018 Bridal Fashion Week
The bridal designers of the world have spoken
(or, I guess, created), and the newest trends are here.
This year sees a lot of very exciting options for brides-to-be. And whilte some of last years trends are still going strong, this year sees the addition of even more interesting trends including more colour, lots of sparkle and all the sleeves.

Wedding Jacket:
Is a full on cape a little too much for you? Why not consider a wedding jacket? There are tons of moto-inspired pieces to chose from. It’s the perfect way to complete your dress, and you may find yourself wearing this particular piece over and over again.

Coloured Wedding Dresses:
More and more brides are ditching the white dresses in favour of some colour and that trend is only continuing to grow in 2018. From pale pinks to glittery golds to beautiful blues, the options are endless. Find one that matches your personality and go the non-traditional route!

A wonderful modern alternative to a veil is the cape or capelet. Add a bit of drama and dimension to your gown with a full length cape (or channel your inner Disney Princess) to transition into your next outfit with a big reveal.

Off The Shoulder:
These dresses are everywhere this year! Designers have embraced this style, in every way possible-flirty, sleek, form fitting…whatever your style, there is an off the should option for you.

The Ring:

Choosing a ring that you or your partner will be wearing for the rest of your life is a daunting task. If you are newly engaged or planning to be, we are happy to announce this year’s styles offer up a cross section of classic and new that is sure to speak to you and your partner.

Oval Rings
Instantly imparting a vintage feel to any setting this year’s trending shape is clean and romantic. This long time favourite classic shape has staying power and is sure to be a hit for years to come.



Colored Gemstones:
Diamonds are not every girl’s – or guy’s best friend. Make a statement with a standout gem – from opals to sapphires – the choices are endless. (pictured: Peach pink marquise-cut Morganite surrounded by a halo of diamonds)





Pear-Cut Styles:
Ovals may be a classic favourite but pear-cut rings are modern and on trend for the fashion forward. Trend-setting brides will also want to play around with mixed metals and coloured gems with this cut.





Rose Gold Rings:
This metal hue exudes romance and has been showing up everywhere so it’s no surprise that it tops the list for 2018. However be advised that when choosing one with a diamond, be sure it is set with platinum or white gold unless you are wanting the stone to reflect the rose hue. THE hot pairing for this year? Oval Morganite and diamonds in rose gold.



Ring Stacks:
A great way to personalize your commitment is by creating a custom ring stack. You can design your engagement ring with a coordinating wedding band or you can mix and match metals and gems.




Casting Impressions: Food

D.I.Y Food Stations:
This was big last year, and it will continue to be popular! Whatever your favourite food is-tacos, poutine, burgers…set up a station, and let your guests make it their own!

Unique Foods:
Think sushi bar, interactive appetizers, farm to table creations, a family recipe dinner table, etc.


Casting Impressions: Flowers

Hanging Florals:
This is a great way to play with space, using height and different viewpoints, while also saving space on tables.

Living Botanical Bars:
Greens growing in and out of a laser art wood veneer bar, or even latticework.

Potted plants lining the aisle, with the pots themselves wrapped in silk so they blend into the environment.

Big is Better!
Big colourful bouquets, as well as oversized arrangements are going to be very popular this year.


Casting Impressions: The Extra

Creative Place Cards:
These days, weddings are all about the food, so why not provide as much of it as possible with edible place cards? If that’s not quite your thing…there are tons of other options for making your place cards memorable.

Boutique Balloons:
Whether they are filled with glitter, are giant, mini, colour coordinated, covering a wall, wrapped in foliage, used as centrepieces or hanging from the ceiling…one thing is for sure: these aren’t the balloons of our childhood, they are a whole other level.

Creative Guestbooks:
Couples are looking for something a little more exciting than the traditional guestbook. Some ideas to get your brainwaves going? Get your guests to sign in a vintage atlas; they can sign on the area that they came from, or on a place that they’ve been, with some tips! Have them write on postcards, and get somebody to mail a couple to you every week until they run out. Or, maybe a Mad Libs guestbook is more your style.

Translucent Pieces:
Whether its floor to ceiling windows, see through tents or a smaller detail, like see through place cards, the modern, architectural look of the translucent pieces is going to be in this year.

Black Accents:
Whether it’s in a dress or décor, a pop of black adds a modern and eye catching touch.

Move over rose gold, copper is the newest in demand metal. The good thing is, it’s relatively cheap, and it looks great when reflecting light. Get all those lanterns and tea lights ready!

The classic pairing of marble and copper will be making appearances at weddings in 2018.

Geometric Shapes:
Whether it is the fondant on the cake, or octagonal shaped terrariums for your centrepieces, geometrical shapes are going to be in this year.


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