If Not Now, When?

by: Flavio Iammarino, Ph.D, SW, C.Cht
At a recent conference I proposed a powerful question to the group – If not now… when? The response was very interesting. Some responded that they were ready now, some did not understand the question, and one person replied, never. The way the group responded was based on what they were experiencing in their life, and what they were focusing on at the present time.
There is no better time than now to take some type of action in your life! Whether your goal is to restructure your body, change your career, start a new business or expand your business, there is no better time than today to get started.
So the question remains, what prevents some people from taking action? Why do some people seem to be stuck? The answer is quite simple – it is because there is some level of fear that is preventing them from taking the first step which will lead to accomplishing their goal. It could be a fear of failure, a fear of success, or a fear of being judged by others. Some worry what others may think, or what opinions others may have about them – this is where the trap lies.
It is important for everyone to understand one thing: Other people’s opinions are none of your business! What you must remember is these are only opinions, and they could be coming from people who are envious, jealous, or full of fear themselves. These opinions could be very detrimental and limiting to your growth, and although good advice is always welcome on our journey, it is important to process what is constructive and what is destructive to our evolvement.
Some people are made to believe that if they want more out of life they are selfish or greedy. Some have a belief that having more than the basic necessities is overindulgent and excessive. These are just some examples of many that may prevent someone from taking action and settling for status quo.
For some, when they think about their business or career they experience a feeling of excitement. They have a passion to create new things and thrive on finding new ways to expand and grow. The common denominator with these people is that they love what they do and it shows. There is something within them that just feels right and they follow their instincts.
Through my life’s ups and downs I realized that to be successful one must model people that have already been successful. There is no point in reinventing the wheel and we can learn so much from others. I also found that most successful people are happy to share their knowledge and want others to be successful as well.
If you have a goal that you want to achieve it is important to only share your goals with people that will assist and support you in your accomplishment. People often get excited and want to share their goals with the whole world. They want to believe that everyone will feel the same way that they do, and share the same excitement, but this is often far from the truth. Some people may not support you or your ideas and the naysayers could be family members, friends, or colleagues. They may be afraid, or they may be jealous or envious.
These people may try to convince you that your idea is not a good one and may try to sabotage your dream. If you pay attention to these people your desire and your passion may begin to diminish. And if you listen to them for too long, they may stop you from going after your dreams altogether. Unfortunately in life we are often surrounded by people that may not want us to succeed. They will try to make us believe that it is not a good idea to take action, and disguise their negative advice as sincere concern. You must recognize these people and move away from them as fast as you can.
What matters most is listening to your gut feeling. Your gut feeling, or instinct is what will always guide you in the right direction no matter what. You must realize that inside of each and every one of us there is a part of who we are that just knows what is best for us as individuals. It’s like a built-in support system that always has your best interests in mind. What is right for Mary, may not be right for Paul and that is why we all must follow our own instincts, not be guided or controlled by someone else’s. Your instinct will direct you in a positive way and knows what is best for you.  A lot of people talk about their intuition, instinct, or gut feeling but many don’t understand the sheer power of it, and many don’t listen to it. Sometimes it is a voice in our head that is loud and clear, but most of the time it is a subtle feeling that comes and goes as a flash. You must learn to recognize it, acknowledge it, and be guided by it. Those that listen to their gut feeling go through life the easy way. Those that choose to ignore it learn a lot of tough lessons. The only thing you should trust or listen to is your gut feeling – looking for answers outside will only bring confusion, doubt, and fear. These negative emotions will often prevent you from making decisions or taking action. You can choose a life of fear where you chase the goals of others, or you can pursue your own dreams and live the life that you were intended to live. Fears can easily be overcome when you realize that your truth, and whatever answers or reassurance you may be looking for, are already inside of you.
Can you be successful in business, in a relationship, and in all aspects of your life? The answer is most certainly, yes! In order to succeed, surround yourself with the right resources, believe that all is possible, keep your passion and dreams close to your heart, and walk and talk confidently like what you wish for is already yours. Confidence is simply a state-of-mind and with it we can achieve everything!
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