How To Examine Your Company’s Image

Modern-day businesses cannot survive on just having a storefront and a product. The competitive nature of all industries requires you to do more. Being visible merely in the physical sense will give all your competitors an added advantage if they’ve managed to step up their visibility.

Get Your Business Online

If you have an existing website and it hasn’t been changed in the last five years, you may want to think about getting it updated. Updating the prices or products in the catalog is not enough. Photo galleries and a blog are good places to start, and adding some video clips to your site will give it a nice boost. Making sure your site is mobile-friendly will enhance its usability.

Make An App Available To Your Clients

Offering an app for your clients is a perfect way to keep in contact with them without having to send out a stack of newsletters. You can update a message feed on your app as and when needed. Your customers have what they need at their fingertips. This is also a good way to stay apprised of your customer base; tracking your loyalty program from here would be much easier than trying to record everything manually in a ledger.

What Was That About The Loyalty Plan?

Your customers have the option of shopping anywhere else, yet they choose to shop with you. Rewarding your customers with a loyalty program will make them feel special. Be careful of the pitfalls of loyalty programs, however; a client who has to pay for a loyalty program will most likely decide against it. It needs to be packaged properly.

Customer Service Focus

If your business operations are not geared around customer service, you will find it hard to convince customers to stay with you. A customer who is just satisfied with a business will go about their daily business, neither promoting nor demoting your brand at social functions. A happy customer will tell people about their experience when asked about it, whereas an unhappy custo-
mer will tell everyone they know about their bad experience whether people ask them or not. This is the power of word-of-mouth; you either have it working for you or against you – there is no in-between.

Rebranding & Marketing

Spending some extra money on your marketing campaign is worth the while. Having experts take care of your target market will help you reach the clients you want to attract to your business. Rebranding also does a lot for a company, as it gives customers peace of mind that things are moving forward. Rebranding also helps repair reputational damage. Re-representing the company to the public can recapture the old market, but also attract a new one.

The physical appearance of your business also needs to be updated during the rebranding process. The branding needs to be on uniforms, letterheads, business cards, signage and every piece of information that goes out to your clients. It will be easier on your marketing campaign if clients can readily associate with your brand.

Whether you run the corner bakery or a multi-million-dollar engineering firm, you still need to deal with customers. They must be able to interact with you on a level that is both safe and convenient. Your image relies solely on the perception of the various stakeholders: clients, competitors, staff and shareholders.

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