Whether you are hitting the slopes or headed to a host

of holiday parties… ‘tis the season for hydration!


This moment, this time, this day…

is the day to care for yourself deeply and lovingly. At OGGI Spa we recognize

that everybody’s skin is unique so we’ve assembled some tips and tricks to give your

skin the hydration boost it needs for the holidays and beyond.


CHEERS! Raise your glass and make a toast to your skin!

As we enter the winter season, cold days and hot furnaces (not to mention a holiday cocktail…

or two) can put your skin under a fair bit of stress. That makes water consumption so

very important. So drink up… but mostly water. Your skin – and the rest of your body too –

will thank you!


skin cream Slip into something
more comfortable…

By that I mean your skin! Apply SOTHYS

Hydra-nourishing Body Lotion right

out of the shower to seal in hydration

leaving it soft, silky and oh-so comfortable

for 24 hours. This is especially

essential in these winter months when

our poor skin is just begging for TLC.


winter skincare Looking Youthful is different for everybody.

Because no two people are the same, and

neither is their skin, SOTHYS created

a line of seven (yes seven!) Youth Creams

and Serums customized for

individual skin needs. No

matter what your type, skin

radiates with freshness and

youth appears preserved.


winter skincare products  Pure GOLD when Hitting the Slopes.

If you’re planning a ski holiday you probably already know the

effects that being outdoors in winter can have on your skin. The

same applies if you are an avid hiker or like me, just out walking the

dog. When the wind whips and the temperature drops, your skin

needs not only moisture, it needs healing. To the rescue: SOTHYS

Essential Lipid Elixir! Skin is immediately relieved of sensations of

discomfort, is soothed, nourished and protected.


Exfoliate! Exfoliate! Exfoliate!

Out with the old and in with the new is not just for New Year’s

resolutions… it’s for skin too! Exfoliation is key to the whole hydration

operation, because any cream you put on your skin needs optimal

absorption to perform at its peak. One way to be sure that your face will

get all of the moisture it needs is by treating yourself to regular facials.

It feels aaa-mazing and is a key part of a healthy skin regimen for

reducing lines and wrinkles as well as preventing break outs. Self-care

is one of the best gifts you can give yourself during the holiday season,

and I have a feeling you deserve it!


At OGGI SPA we believe that customization is the best way to care for your skin.

We’d love to meet you and discuss your individual skin needs to help you glow all year long!

Please visit our website at: www.oggispaniagara.com



winter skincare products

Adriana Del Vasto has 25 years experience in the

spa and wellness industry and is CIDESCO certified. She

is thrilled to bring her philosophy, experience and oh-so

amazing SOTHY’S product line to Niagara, available

exclusively at OGGI SPA, at the Stone Mill Inn. oggispaniagara@gmail.com