Glow in the Dark Adventures in Niagara Falls

With winter comes the inevitable shutting down of most of the outdoor attractions in the Falls; luckily for everyone though, there are more than enough indoor adventures to keep us entertained until the snow melts away. And what makes these things all the more fun? When they glow in the dark!

Niagara Falls has two glow in the dark mini putt adventures that are open for year round fun.

Galaxy Golf is located at 4960 Clifton Hill, right by Ripley’s Believe It Or Not. It is an 18-hole mini golf course and is open year round. Tons of different exhibits surround the holes, including dragons, astronauts, planets, sea creatures and more.

Captain Jack’s Pirate Cove has a 3D Glow in the Dark mini putt that is a ton of fun for all ages. It’s 18 holes of pirate themed adventures! It is located at 4942 Clifton Hill.

If bowling is more your thing, why not lace up and try some glow bowling? Located at 4942 Clifton Hill, there are 14 full size, 10 pin bowling lanes. Enjoy the fun times, and glow and bowl the night away! The bowling alley is also conveniently located inside a Boston Pizza, so delicious food and drinks are only steps away. There are also billiards, arcade games and racing simulators to enjoy.

If you feel like being spooked, you can head down to Ghost Blasters at 4950 Clifton Hill, and try your luck at busting some ghosts. It is an interactive, black light adventure and includes animatronic characters, moving props and enough spookiness to tingle your spine. As you make you way through the haunted house in a moving car, you will be armed with a laser gun that will help you to blast away all the lurking ghouls. This ride/game is tons of fun and is located within the Great Canadian Midway complex.

If you are looking for a bit more physical activity to go with your glow in the dark adventures, check out the games at Captain Jacks. Laser tag, the glow in the dark adventure, has you battling friends in a hi-tech battle zone, as you run around the play area, shooting and dodging. Another laser adventure at Captain Jack’s is the laser maze, where you race against the clock to make your way through a maze of lasers in order to find the hidden treasure.

Another laser tag place has recently opened up in the area: Zap Zone Niagara. It is located at 4238 Bridge Street and provides a 2500 square foot area, all for laser tag fun. The arena is multi-leveled, and while you play, the music blares, the smoke swirls and the lights flash as you run around and try to zap your opponents before they zap you. This is a great time for all ages!

With all these fun activities, you’ll never be bored while staying in Niagara!

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