Getting That Bridal Glow

By Anna D’Amore of Truvi Beauty
You said “I will” to marrying your partner and starting the process of planning of the day! The magical list of amazing vendors that will assist you in preparing for the most unforgettable party and most special day of your life!
Officiant, check! Wedding planner, check! Caterer, check! Florist, check! Photographer, check! What seems to always get put to the bottom of the list is…the skin specialist, the manicurist, the pedicurist, you get the idea here, the vendors that help you look your finest on the most photographed day of your life seems to be forgotten until closer to the wedding day.
There is not a particular order that the vendors need to be called by but having your beauty vendors right after the “big” vendors is where they should be, since it is a big deal to look flawless. Your beauty vendors are your “glow” team, you need to get the routine started as soon as you get the ring on that finger especially if you haven’t started a beauty routine prior. You may have a year or more till your wedding day or just a short few months. It’s never too late to start your skincare regime and beauty maintenance.
Now that we are all on track with your priority call list, here are a few trips for super hydration and radiance to get the ball rolling for both of you!
Eat, Sleep and Hydrate
First off is your water intake, not only is drinking water on it’s own necessary, but eating superfoods high in water content such as watermelon, grapefruits and greens is vital for hydration on the inside.
Next is a routine and clear understanding on how your skincare routine is crucial for the “glow”. Advice from your skin specialist is a must when choosing the correct regime for your skin situation. We all have special care instructions and this is why your specialist will prescribe the routine and products for your specific needs. Your routine should always include your cleansing, and hydration. Cleansing must always include an exfoliation regime specific to your skin-this will be advised by your skin specialist. A very important add on to all skincare is a special serum of hyaluronic acid, a little goes a long way. This miracle holds 1000X its weight in water and since we naturally produce this in our own body the skin reacts beautifully, showing instant signs of hydration, firmness and that special glow-be sure to ask you skin specialist for this serum.
Last but not least, get your shut eye! Sleep is so vital in all aspects of feeling rested, keeping your body at a balanced metabolic rate and diminishes the signs of exhaustion and calms your nerves, it is recommended that you get your eight hours and having a nightly routine that will train your body to repair more efficiently. With these few steps, you are your partner are well on your way to a glow-rific wedding day! Stay well and stay beautiful. Salute!

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