Fun Zone

Niagara’s Newest Midway Attraction
By: Lauren Charley
Niagara Fun Zone opened in spring 2014 and quickly gained a glowing reputation as one of the area’s most popular indoor attractions.
The arcade showcases two levels of state-of-the-art games, many of which reward your skills with tickets for the chance to win prizes such as candy, stickers, souvenirs, and large plush toys. In addition to the midway, guests can participate in separate attractions spanning the 200,000 square foot facility which includes a challenging mirror maze, exhilarating laser tag, a premium machine gun range, glow in the dark mini putt and one of Niagara’s infamous haunted houses. For a limited time, guests are invited to see an extraordinary travelling exhibit, “Bodies Revealed”, offering incredible insight on the mystery of the human body. Perfect for patrons of all ages, the fun zone also caters to birthday parties, corporate team-building events, and even educational programs.
Step inside this mind-blowing labyrinth, guided by the unexpected surprises of your own reflection. Unlike any ordinary maze, the Mystic Maze of Mirrors kicks things up a notch by adding glowing lights, dynamic sounds, and upbeat music to keep your energy at a high as you strive to be the first to make it out of the seemingly infinite corridors. Don’t be fooled as your companions begin to multiply along the way, as mirrors can play dangerous tricks on the mind when stuck in the illusion of the looking glass.
Engage in an intergalactic battle of the future at Niagara’s most high tech laser tag attraction. Inside the darkness of a 2,000 square foot room, test your skills in a challenge against other live players.  Equipped with a light-up chest pad and armed with your trusted luminous rifle, Laser Tag combines the classic games of hide-and seek and tag with a unique high-tech twist. Players accumulate points by seeking out and “tagging” their opponents when they successfully shoot each players’ colourful, luminous targets.
Imagine the deepest, darkest spots of the ocean, illuminated by enchanting neon colours and hand-painted graphics of underwater sea life. Enhance the setting by placing an 18-hole miniature golf course, complete with progressive theme music and intricate 3-D sculptures in an oceanic ecosystem for all ages to enjoy.
Select your firearm of choice and step into Canada’s only true semi-automatic rifle shooting gallery. The state-of-the-art sniper range provides real rifles such as the “Magpul Moe M4”, and other models featured in your favourite blockbuster films. The weapons are supplied by the same manufacturers who sell to the North American Special Forces units, modified for entertainment purposes by using airsoft pellets.
Come and visit this exciting new paintball attraction, the only one offered in the heart of Niagara Falls’ tourist district. The exhilarating adventure features a neoteric shooting gallery with professional equipment, crafted by experts to provide the ultimate paintball experience. The extraordinary game is enhanced with the spectacle of a glow-in-the-dark target field with moving animatronics to plant your “bullseye”.
Prepare to face your nightmares inside Niagara’s Haunted Hallways, recognized by the Niagara Falls Tourism Board as “Niagara’s most terrifying haunted house experience”. In pitch black darkness, guided only by the path of tiny red lights, your heart will race as you run from the monstrous beings who emerge from the shadows. Filled with surprises around every corner, the impressive sounds, lights, animatronics, and live characters, will heighten all five senses as you make your way through the scariest paranormal spot in the legendary tourist area of Clifton Hill.
Niagara Fun Zone currently features an extraordinary, one-of-a-kind educational exhibit, “Bodies Revealed”. Until the end of 2015, attenders can witness the spectacle of the human anatomy up-close as they see the real-life organs, bones, and systems which comprise their own bodies. The exhibit uniquely displays authentic human bodies which have been dissected and preserved using liquid silicone rubber through a revolutionary innovation called polymer preservation; this process produces specimens that will not decay. The exhibit provides visitors with exclusive access to the detail of the human body which has historically only been available to trained medical professionals. Guided by an audio tape with an eloquent commentary, patrons are exposed to elaborate visual displays and television screens full of fascinating information.


Experience the #1 rated arcade game in North America as you begin your adventure inside Dark Escape 4D. Participants are given 3D glasses to make the high-tech graphics come to life, in a complete 4-dimensiontal activity, heightening all the senses as they endure the “anxiety, panic and terror” of the shooting game. Your goal is to target as many of the zombies and monstrous creatures as possible, during the quest in an enclosed booth with surround sound as it vibrates, blasts air, and can even detect your level of fear through panic sensors!
and special services…
Give your child and their friends an awesome birthday by treating them to an adventure at Niagara Fun Zone. Each guest is granted full access plus 30 tokens to the facility’s Monster Midway, and a choice of three of four additional attractions: mirror maze, mini putt, haunted house, or laser tag. Parents can choose to provide their own catering or select a choice of all-you-can eat pizza, chicken fingers, or plated hamburgers from the East Side Mario’s restaurant next to the fun zone. Parties include a two hour rental of a private room plus unlimited time in the midway and attractions.
Whether your are a small business  or large company, Niagara Fun Zone offers an exclusive experience to bond your employees while helping to build their cognitive problem solving skills and ability to work as part of an interactive team. The corporate team building package features a specially designed scavenger hunt where participants work in groups to find clues throughout the facility, with a prize awarded to the winning team. Also included in the two hour package is access to a private room and each employee is given 30 midway tokens plus one of the following attractions: mirror maze, haunted house, laser tag, or mini putt. Restaurant packages with East Side Mario’s and Ruth’s Chris Steak House are available upon the company’s request.
Niagara Fun Zone is always looking to come up with new events and promotions for both tourists and locals of Niagara Falls. The company has implemented a Kid’s Movie Night, where parents can feel comfortable dropping their children off at a highly supervised event where they will make new friends and enjoy an appropriately selected feature film and access to the fun zone. During this time, parents can spend the evening relaxing at home or indulging in the spectacles, dining, and nightlife to be discovered in the lively tourist hot spot.
If you’re looking for an original idea for you and your companion, Niagara Fun Zone offers a special Date Night package for couples of all ages. Here, you can explore the facility and bond together while engaging in a variety of attractions. Included in the package are 40 tokens to the arcade games plus a mini putt and a mirror maze pass for each person, as well as a $20 voucher to one of the neighbouring restaurants, Ruth’s Chris Steak House, East Side Mario’s, or IHOP.
Niagara Fun Zone is located at 6455 Fallsview Boulevard, across from the Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort. To stay up to date on their current promotions visit or check out their full website at

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