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whisky hot chocolateHopped Up Hot Chocolate

The Olde Angel Inn, NOTL

What goes with a historic ghost walk on a brisk night? A winter warm up in a haunted restaurant. “The Angel was built in 1789, burnt down during the war of 1812, and then was rebuilt in 1815,” explains Stephane Penman, Restaurant Manager at the Olde Angel Inn in Niagara-on-the-Lake. “We are the home of none other than the famous “Captain Swayze” Ghost, who enjoys frequently visiting our guests whom are sleeping in the Inn during the night,” says Penman.

Inspired by the Winter blues, Hopped Up Hot Chocolate combines a little of this and a little of that to create the perfect winter treat. “Customers will enjoy the Baileys, Peppermint Schnapps, and giant heap of whip cream,” says Penman. “It’s a warm drink on a cold winter day, and everyone could use a little kick in their cup with the stress of the holidays.”

The Olde Angel Inn also has a lunch and dinner menu. “We are open every day except Christmas, all with smiling faces to show our guests a good time!” says Penman.



notl drinksThe Great One

Play Bar and Grill, NOTL 

Inspired by Lexi Knox’s hatred of the cold and love of cream liqueurs, The Great One has become a new menu item at Play Bar and Grill located in White Oaks Resort. “I love the way the snow looks sitting perched on tree limbs, or untouched on a yard with holiday decorations…but why does it have to be cold!?” says Knox, Food and Beverage Outlets Assistant Manager. “After tasting the Wayne Gretzky cream whisky, with its velvet texture and almond flavours, I knew it would pair beautifully with the Ciroc French Vanilla vodka,” says Knox.

“I believe the customers will really love the smooth taste of this after dinner cocktail! Whether enjoying it at the end of a meal or as a night cap watching our live entertainment on weekends, this drink is sure to please everyone,” says Knox.

Play has a menu that Knox guarantees will deliver, “new takes on old pub faves.” “LIV, the second restaurant in the Resort, is our four-diamond, five-star fine dining experience with a muted and chic ambiance and a menu, created by Chef Michael Price, that focuses on locally grown produce,” says Knox.

If you despise the cold, head to Play Bar and Grill for some much needed sympathy from the staff. “This drink is perfect on cold wintry days!,” says Knox. “There is nothing more relaxing than a hot boozy cocktail to warm up with.”



odd bird drinksGins N’ Roses

Odd Bird, St. Catharines 

Odd Bird opened its doors in downtown St. Catharines roughly one year ago to rave reviews for their offbeat chalkboard menu that includes oysters, craft beer, and original cocktails. Behind the bar is Maestro Jesse Galati. “Customers return for my cocktails because they are unique and I take into account the customers tastes making in making them individual and making the person feel special,” says Galati.

“Gins N’ Roses was a drink based from a gin and pine cocktail called Pins and Needles but it shares very little in flavour profile,” says Galati. This version has a touch more sweetness and a lot more of a floral element,” adds Galati. What makes this cocktail one of a kind is the secret ingredient: two jiggers of Christmas tree bitters made from Manager Dana Roper’s 2017 Christmas tree. “This is a unique flavour combination of rose, pine, and orange and draws attention,” says Galati. “Gins N’ Roses is perfect for the holidays because it’s like a good holiday: short, perfectly sweet, and has a lot of alcohol.”

“OddBird is people doing their craft well, very well,” says Galati. “Everything changes all the time, so it’s a new restaurant every week,” says Galati. Be sure to stop into Odd Bird this winter season. Although they don’t take reservations, with bartenders like Galati, it will be worth the wait. “We will always do our best to make any waiting as pain-free as possible,” says Galati.



oast beerBiere de Noel

Niagara Oast House Brewers, NOTL 

With their undying love of hops and barley, each year Niagara Oast House Brewers creates seasonally inspired beers that not only compliment their regular taps, but are guaranteed to please even the pickiest of beer drinkers. “It tastes like Christmas in a bottle,” describes Stephanie Schipper, Retail and Marketing. “Our Biere de Noel has heavy Christmas flavours that give it a warm spicy finish,” says Schipper. “You will enjoy the rich and full-bodied brew that showcases a dark malt.”

Oast House spends a great deal of time throughout the year preparing for the release of Biere de Noel. “It is not something we brew in seven to ten days like our Barnraiser,” says Schipper. “It ages for eight to nine months. “Our beer is aged in bourbon barrels from Woodford Distillery in Kentucky, USA,” says Schipper. “You get the flavour of the bourbon without the big liquor punch.”

Biere de Noel will definitely be on tap for the 5th annual Christmas Ho Down, on December 23, 2018. “This year will be our first with our new restaurant,” says Schipper. Don’t miss the biggest Christmas party in Niagara-on-the-Lake. Pop by Oast House and sample one of their three seasonal brews: Biere de Noel, Gingerbread Porter, and Roasted Chestnut Beer.

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