Emotional Wellness: Ask Flavio Iammarino

Flavio Iammarino, Ph.D, SW, C.Cht
Doctor in Clinical Hypnosis

Q. Why is our emotional health so important to our overall well-being?

A. There is so much emphasis put on our physical health but not enough on our emotional well-being. Many do not understand that our emotions affect every area of our bodies and depending on a person’s emotional mindset it can mean a healthy overall body or an unhealthy one. If a person’s emotional health is not at an optimum level no amount of exercise or a healthy diet will bring them overall wellness—it is a combination of exercise, diet and emotional health that will bring a person happiness and peace. If a person has unresolved issues and an unhealthy amount of stress in their daily life it can lead to sickness both in the physical body and in the mind. Emotional health is the corner stone to our overall well-being.

Q. What causes anxiety and can it be resolved without medication?

A. The cause of anxiety is fear + fear + fear. In order to experience fear we must have a thought about something going wrong or a thought that something bad is going to happen. Yes, anxiety can be dealt with without medication. A counsellor with the appropriate knowledge and tools can teach a person with anxiety how to let go of the negative emotions that cause the anxiousness. A skilled therapist can also teach a person who has anxiety how to avoid the unpleasant feelings they experience when certain stressful situations arise. We cannot change the world around us but we can change how we react and respond to certain situations. Our thoughts are our most powerful tool to our emotional state. It is so important to be aware of all of our thoughts, even our random thoughts, as they can change the entire course of our day.

Q. Many people are skeptical about hypnosis because they are worried about losing control of their mind. Can you address this concern?

A. People that are skeptical about hypnosis do not understand what hypnosis really is and what great benefits it can have in achieving a healthy mind. The reality is we spend over 80 percent of our day in a hypnotic state. In a hypnosis session it is important to understand that even if a person is in the deepest state of hypnosis and they are asked to do something that went against their values and beliefs they would automatically come out of the trance. In a hypnotic state we are still in complete control of our mind and changes can only happen when our unconscious mind agrees to make those changes. In hypnosis a person is in rapport with the therapist, in self hypnosis a person is in rapport with one’s self, and in meditation a person is in rapport with the infinite —it does not matter who you are in rapport with, the state is the same.

Q. Can hypnosis assist in making lasting changes to a person’s emotional health? How does it work?

A. Yes, hypnosis can make immediate and lasting changes! The reason it works is because it gets to the root of the problem. Talk therapy tries to deal with the current or presenting problem and in doing so people often wind up in therapy for years making little progress or change. Lasting changes to our mental state can only take place when we go back and disconnect the problem from the root cause. More often than not, the presenting problem is not the root of the problem—it is important to disconnect the problem from the root and instantly the chain will be disconnected and the presenting problem will disappear. The root of the problem could be from childhood and a skilled hypnotherapist can assist in finding out the real issue behind the issue at hand.

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