Eight Tools to Double your Productivity

With the days getting even busier we become more aware that every day is limited to only 24 hours, no matter how far technology advances.

Instead of focusing on what we can’t change, the battle should be focusing on how we can use technology to make the most out of the time we do have.

But that opens you up to spending even more time you don’t already have. Even if you find the app, is it compatible with your iPhone? Or Android? Or PC? This all just takes more time to figure it out, reading reviews and researching online.

There are a lot of tools that were created to help you organize your life and business, but use this resource to see the tools that I’ve used over the past couple years that have made the cut.


Passwords are something we can almost universally agree that we can’t stand. We also all know that we can’t live without them. That is unless you don’t mind the wave of problems coming your way if your password is compromised. 1Password is one of the easiest password management tools that only require you to remember one master password to sign in to all your accounts. And not just passwords, but everything from credit cards to even the alarm code to your home. They keep your security at the top of their list with strong AES-256 encryption. It’s also compatible across all devices.


The easiest way to think about Dropbox is like a USB stick that you can’t misplace. You can store everything on it from videos and images to files and documents, as you would your USB. It works on all devices and you can even share specific files with other people securely online.

Site Block

Site Block is an easy to use Chrome Plugin only needs to be installed on your Chrome browser and it will get to work. The plugin allows you to assign yourself a certain amount of time to browse a website everyday, once you’ve hit the limit you are no longer allowed to access the site. This works perfectly with RescueTime to block sites like Facebook so you can get that extra help to stay focused.


Research has commonly proven that music can engage many different parts of the brain and change our state of mind. Spotify is a music service that has a seemingly endless amount of music and genres. It suggests new playlists and music, both based on your listening habits and even by the time of day. There are a lot of great lists created for studying and work productivity. You can even create your own playlists. See if Spotify is the app you need to help give you that extra bump of focus.


We all come across interesting articles or videos and don’t always have time to look at them immediately, but we also don’t want to lose them. Pocket lets you save directly from your browser or even an app and is available on all platforms. Now you can comfortably focus and get back to work.


Emailing is still one of the most effective marketing tools. It allows you to stay in contact with a lot of customers at once and even provide them exclusive offers or incentives. The problems though have commonly been the difficulty creating the emails and cost for a bulk email service. Mailchimp one of the most popular email service that gives you an easy “drag & drop” builder to create your emails, and even tells you when customers open and interact with the email you sent. This service is free to businesses as long as their customer email list is under 2,000 subscribers.

Sleep Cycle

Being the most productive version of yourself starts from before you even get your feet out of bed. The quality of your sleep is the cornerstone to your mental clarity and wellness. Our phones are now able to use their accelerometer sensor and microphone to track our sleep. The Sleep Cycle app’s goal is to track the quality and length of your rest. It will wait until you are in the lightest stage of your sleep cycle in the period of time just before your alarm is set, so you are waking up in the best state. You just have to set the time you want to wake up and the app will do the rest. The data is tracked on an easy to read graph so you can see just how good your sleep really was.

Google Docs

Google Docs is best thought like a cloud-based version of Microsoft Office application such as Word or Excel. You can access your document anywhere and you can easily invite people to either view the document or be able to edit the document in real-time. This makes it simple for teams to work together on the same document while tracking things like who made changes, or make comments on notes that are visible to others. It’s a great tool for those who have trouble keeping track of what document is the latest one and the best part is that it is compatible with Word and Excel, so if you do need to save or upload a document you still can.

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