by Dr Flavio

As I am on my way to work in Toronto, I usually listen to the Italian station CHIN Radio in the car. One morning, the host had a young lady from VIVO magazine as a guest on the show, and they were talking about Italian culture. The host asked the young lady if the younger generation would continue with the tradition of their parents, and she responded, “Yes! Most young people are very proud of their parents’ and grandparents’ success.” They talked about Italian products, and how the younger generation can also bring these traditions home, not only by purchasing Italian products at the store, but also by making things at home like salami, prosciutto, and wine. All of these ‘traditions’ are great things to remember, and carry on from one generation to the next, but there is one thing most people don’t think about, or talk about, when discussing their ancestors. This important topic most certainly holds the true ‘secret’ to prosperity for future generations. Let me explain.

The work I do is in mental health. I often conduct seminars about to how to deal with stress, and teach how to create prosperity in people’s lives. In the last few years, people have been looking for more and more ways to become prosperous, or rich, in all areas of their lives – a secret recipe, or step-by-step guidebook with the answer. Consumers spend millions of dollars on books, seminars, and on-line courses every year looking for the key, ‘the secret’ to prosperity.

Most of you were born in an environment where the true formula for prosperity was, and probably still is, practiced. For ‘the secret’ you must look further back to the beginning when your parents or grandparents started the process. If we look at all immigrants, they all had the same secret, but did not consciously know that they held the true secret to creating prosperity.

Before, during, and after the war, the Italian situation was not very good. I use the Italian culture as an example because I come from an Italian background, but many other countries experienced the same hardships. There was poverty and there were no jobs, but there were many that still held on for a better life. Most of these people were very poor; they had little food. But what they did have was a dream of having prosperity. They had a dream of having a job, a home, and a safe place for their family to live. They did not know how this was going to happen because everything that surrounded them was in chaos and despair, but they continued to dream.

‘The secret’ was very simple. They began to dream about their new home. Some relatives were already abroad, and with a firm belief that if they too came to Canada, their dream would be accomplished, they began to take action. So with ‘the dream,’ and ‘the belief’ that they could do it, paired with a burning desire to accomplish their dream… they did.

They did not listen to the negative comments, or accept the negative energy from those who were leery or afraid. They were warned and discouraged by others, but chose not to accept comments like, “You’re crazy!” “You don’t know what you will find once you get there!” “How will you get there?” “But you have no money!” These discouraging words, and negative ways of thinking would make most people stop and reassess their decision, but not the people focused on their dream.

Those that succeeded were able to block the negative comments and stay focused on their ultimate goal. When they arrived in Canada, they immediately took action to make their dream a reality. Some worked for others, some created a job for themselves, and you know the rest of the story by just looking at your parents’ and/or grandparents’ accomplishments.

Unfortunately, some people remained poor because they allowed others to influence them and succumbed to the negativity. They started to doubt, and began to believe that it would be too hard, it would take too long, and there may be no jobs; so what they did was created a belief of lack, and of no possibility. These people are now dependent instead of independent.

‘The secret’ to prosperity that so many are searching for is right here in front of us. Our ancestors had ‘the secret’, and it was very simple. Imagine what you want. You don’t know ‘how’ it is going to happen, but you ‘must believe’ whole-heartedly that it is possible. Put a burning desire and all your passion behind it, and you will achieve your goal. It is a universal law, and you will achieve your dreams if you follow these steps.

So when you thank your parents and grandparents for the traditions they have passed down to you, also thank them for giving you the process, ‘the secret,’ to prosperity. This secret is the best gift that they can give you. Our parents and/or grandparents had very little or nothing. They dared to dream and believe, and because of this, they became prosperous. If you can learn anything from them, it is that you need to dare to dream big; believe in your dreams; put a burning desire behind it; take positive action; and anything you wish for will be yours!

To all of you who dared to dream big, thank you for ‘the secret.’


For more information visit www.drflavio.ca

Dr. Flavio Iammarino, Ph.D, C.Cht
Niagara P.T.S., Anxiety & Stress Management Centre

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