DIY Projects to Add a Little Quirk

Trends this year are leaning towards more muted and subdued, so it’s great to add a little quirkiness in some spots in your home. These D.I.Y’s are both useful and nice to look at, and while you won’t want to incorporate them everywhere, they are great for integrating pops of colour and grooviness.

Painting Old Grout

Sometimes the grout in our house ends up looking a little dingy, and it’s not the easiest thing to clean, but never fear, there is an easier solution than retiling and it doesn’t require as steady of a hand as you might think-grout painting! Grout paint (called Polyblend Grout Renew) is available in several colours. You don’t ever need to match it to your old grout (because it will completely cover it), it just needs to match the tile.

You’ll Need

º Polyblend Grout Renew

º A toothbrush

º Paper towels/rags

º Small dish


Start by pouring some of the paint into a dish and use the toothbrush to spread the paint on the grout (don’t worry if it gets on the tile, it will wipe off easily with a paper towel or rag). It’s probably easiest to let the paint dry a bit on the grout, then wipe off the tile. The paint dries quite quickly on the grout as it just soaks right in. Continue to do this throughout the entire room. It can be time consuming, but the end result is worth it.

Tip: If you are feeling fancy, you can get coloured grout paint (, which can be matched to any paint chip from any of the most popular paint manufacturers. Coloured grout works great for small tiled areas such as backsplashes to add that little pop of fun colour.

Dinosaur Planters


These are super cute and extremely easy to make. These can be good for your desk at work, on a windowsill at home, or in a kids bedroom to add a little greenery.

Things You’ll Need

º A plastic or foam dinosaur

º Spray paint (these tend to look really cool painted
white or gold)

º Utility knife

º Succulent plants

º Soil

º A drill


1. Once you have found the perfect dinosaur, spray paint it in whatever colour you like.

2. Cut a small circular portion out of the top of the dinosaur using the exacto knife. This is the spot the plant will sit
in, so the hole needs to be large enough to allow for the plant to grow.

3. Use the drill to make two holes in the belly of the dino- saur. This is necessary to allow the plant to drain when you water it, which will prevent moldiness.

4. Fill the dinosaur up with soil and add the plant.

5. You can also glue the dinosaur to a small tray, which will help catch any water or soil that ends up falling out. Just make sure to spray paint the tray the same colour as the dinosaur.

Note: it’s easy to make a planter out of pretty much anything that you are able to make a hole in. As long as there is sufficient room for the plant to grow roots, and there is a drainage system at the bottom, it should work just fine. Other ideas for creative planters include: old books, chandeliers, rubber boots, teacups, teapots, driftwood, etc.)

Book Planters

If dinosaurs aren’t your style, try converting old books into planters. Same idea as the dinosaur but once you’ve made the hole in the pages be sure to line it with wax paper to protect the rest of the book from moisture.

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