DIY: Build a Terrarium for Your Desk

Even for those among us who don’t have the greenest of thumbs, terrariums are extremely easy to make and maintain. They are the perfect desk accessories because they increase oxygen in the air, and they are great for adding just a little bit of the outdoors to our work spaces.
Things You Will Need:
-A clear glass or plastic container. You can use anything really: fishbowls, mason jars, apothecary jars…whatever would fit nicely on your desk area.
-Small stones
-Potting soil
-Activated charcoal
-Cool ornaments (small plastic animals, tiny gnomes, really any miniature thing that you find adorable.)
-Sphagnum moss
-Plants (a variety of leaf shapes and colours)
Step 1
Put about an inch layer of the small stones at the very bottom of the jar, which creates a false drainage system for the plant roots.
Step 2
Add ½ inch of the activated charcoal over the stones; this will help keep the water clean, and prevent mold and bacteria from building.
Step 3
Add a small layer of moss on top, which will help keep the soil from settling into the stones.
Step 4
Add about 2 inches of potting soil on the top of that.
Step 5
Add plants and ornaments, and arrange however you desire.
Upkeep: Put your terrarium in moderate to indirect sunlight. You can water it by lightly spraying with a spray bottle.

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